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Regain Youthful Energy and Solve Long-Standing Health Issues By Balancing Your Hormones -- Naturally!

Imbalanced Hormones Cause 100’s of Symptoms, from Loss of Energy and Libido to Bleeding Gums! There's a Safe and Simple Way to Save Thousands In Medical Bills and Regain Health. By Going Right to the Root Cause

If you're over 40, chances are you have imbalanced thyroid, progesterone, estrogen, and/or testosterone. Imbalances in your endocrine system and the balance of hormones in your body can lead to far-reaching health effects such as:

Mood swings, depression, and anxiety

Unexplained weight gain, especially around the middle


Severe PMS symptoms

Brain fog

Hair loss

Bloating / water retention

Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

Bleeding gums

Acne or dry skin

Low libido

Increased hunger


Frequent sugar cravings and blood sugar imbalances

Rashes / hives


Surprised? Most people are.

It's time to take your hormone health into your own hands.

Your endocrine system CAN and WILL heal itself, if you give your hormone-releasing glands the correct care and the right environment.

Learn these principles and save thousands of dollars going from doctor to doctor and not getting the answers you need!

Learn from the best of the best in natural medicine doctors -- Dr. Alan Christianson, Dr. Rob Jones, the “Hormone Health Coach” Dr. Jolene Brighten, Health Coach and Chef Magdalena Wszelaki --and me, “GreenSmoothieGirl” Robyn Openshaw -- in easy-to-watch videos at home.




Our vision for you is simple: revolutionize your hormones, revolutionize your health!

We now know balanced hormones and the health of a person’s endocrine system is critical to their overall health. Just like having imbalanced hormones causes 100’s of bad symptoms, balancing your hormones triggers a cascade of health benefits that can affect every area of your life.

It’s like a domino effect. What other simple change can you make in your life which can do all of this?

Slow down your body’s aging process

Improve your sexual drive - and pleasure

Regain your youthful energy, strength, and clarity

Enjoy a robust immune system and free yourself from 100’s of symptoms

Easily drop unwanted weight and enjoy a youthful metabolism


Imagine being able to run around with the kids again without feeling totally worn down.

Imagine a life where you don’t need a pot of coffee every day just to feel normal.

Imagine being genuinely excited about playing sports at the park, knowing you have the energy to participate.

Imagine having mental clarity through the workday and the evening -- almost like somebody “turned on the lights” in your brain.

Imagine those minor aches and pains melting away and major aches and pains being drastically reduced within a very short time.

Imagine having more strength in your hands and energy in your step than you have had in years.

AND… imagine your interest in sex returning back to the youthful libido of younger years, and giving your partner “the look” before heading to the bedroom!


The Hormone Healing Revolution consists of 28 life-changing videos which you can watch anywhere and three unique bonuses….

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Here are the doctors we’ve assembled to bring you this life-changing information:

Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD (Scottsdale, AZ) teaches these foundational subjects:

  • Why Hormones Are Imbalanced
  • The Not-So-Obvious Symptoms of Menopause
  • How Menopause Can Damage Your Health
  • How Lifestyle Helps Menopause
  • How Hormones Help Symptoms
  • How Hormones Slow Aging

Dr. Rob Jones, D.C. (Draper, UT) speaks on these topics:

  • My Thyroid Is “Normal”--So Why Do I Feel So Terrible?
  • Why Your Doctor “Testing Your Thyroid” Probably Isn’t Good Enough--And How to REALLY Find Out If You Have a Thyroid Issue
  • Why Is My Sex Drive In the Tank, and How Do I Fix The Problem?

Dr. Jolene Brighten (Portland, OR) covers these topics:

  • Why Orgasm is Critical for Female Health, Busting Some Myths, How to Improve Your Orgasmic Life (Sex Ed for Adults!)
  • Why the Birth Control Pill Will Make You Sick, How to Avoid It, What To Use Instead
  • How STD Testing Doesn’t Catch Everything, and What Every Sexually Active Adult Must Know
  • Easy Dietary Tips to Improve Your Hormonal Health

BONUS: Magdalena Wszelaki , hormone health coach, shares a demo of ways she balances hormones with FOOD!

Myths About Hormones You’ll Discover:

  1. It’s Normal to Be Moody, and Have Severe PMS Symptoms.
  2. Taking Synthetic Medications is the Best and Only Thing You Can Do, to Correct Hormone Issues.
  3. All Hormone Interventions Cause Disease Risk.
  4. The Body Cannot Correct Hormone Imbalances.
  5. Your OB / GYN or GP or Endocrinologist Is Best, for Addressing Hormone Imbalances.
  6. Diet Has Nothing To Do With Hormone Balancing.
  7. Auto-Immune Disease Cannot Be Reversed.

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BONUS 1: 5 Hormone Balance Recipes Demo

with Holistic Hormone Coach Magdalena Wszelaki!


Learn medicinal-food tips and recipes from the pro,
Cooking For Hormone Balance author and chef Magdalena Wszelaki.

Video demos include Medicinal Mushroom Pizza, Artichoke Pizza, Farmer’s Wife Breakfast, Red Velvet Brownies, and Raspberry and Green Tea Melties--

--all made with anti-inflammatory, whole-food ingredients. All are grain-free, sugar-free, and Paleo and AIP-compliant.

Bonus 2: Endocrine Disruptors Wallet Card


Any system in the body controlled by hormones can be derailed by endocrine disruptors, causing reproductive, neurological, and developmental problems and disease.

Endocrine disruptors lurk in various sources like cosmetics, cleaning products, pesticides, building materials, and food additives.

Print our list of the most toxic, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and the places you’re exposed to them--to reduce damage to your hormone health, in your shopping and habits!

Bonus 3: 9 Questions For Your Hormone Doctor!


Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD, and Robyn Openshaw, MSW have made a list of questions for you to ask a hormone practitioner you are considering, at your first consultation. Or, use these questions with your own doctor, to get the best care possible.

Robyn Openshaw, your host in the video masterclass, spent 7 years suffering and seeking a diagnosis for many symptoms, and then spent 2 years getting her Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in remission. Now she is an educator and has been 17 years in remission from auto-immune disease. She considers Alan Christianson, NMD, to be one of the most knowledgeable and evidence-based natural hormone doctors in the world.

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  • Module 6: How Lifestyle Helps Menopause
  • Module 9: Why Natural Hormones Are Better
  • Module 11: How Hormones Are Given
  • Module 12: Which Testing is Best
  • Module 13: Top 7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor
  • Module 14: Top Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Module 15: How Often to Test