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Robyn's favorite self-care gift ideas

13 gift ideas to help your loved ones (and yourself) enjoy extra self-care, because we all need it!

Treat your family and friends with gifts that are meaningful and that will bring a little more joy, comfort, and health into their lives. 

When times get tough (like they are for many of us), our loved ones matter more. Let’s be sure they know it! 

With love, 


1 | Pact — Organic Socks ($14 - $24)

Happy feet are a wonderful thing, especially in the winter. These socks are made with organic cotton and no toxic chemicals. They’re perfectly soft and comfortable — a great pair of casual socks, for men and women.  


Use code VERYMERRY20 to save 20% off any full-priced items on the site. Only valid until 12/17.

2 | GreenSmoothieGirl — Skin Brushing Success Kit ($22)

This kit is fabulous for the women on your list. It might sound a little weird to brush your skin, but, trust me, it feels fantastic and gives you a burst of energy, too! This ancient ritual has been practiced for thousands of years. It’s a combo of exfoliation and massage — and the benefits are endless. Banishing cellulite, clearing up your skin, stimulating lymphatic circulation, supporting immunity, and detoxifying.


Save 20% using the link above

3 | Lip Doctor — Lip Balm from The Detox Market ($12)

I recently found The Detox Market, and it’s awesome! All the curated products they carry are free from toxic ingredients on their banned list, and made by ethical founders. 

Everyone needs a great lip balm that really works to make and keep your lips velvety smooth, especially during colder months and in dryer climates. It’s even better that you won’t be swallowing anything bad by applying it. With only 6 simple, natural ingredients, it keeps lips moisturized and protected for hours! — a true dream for a lip balm, so you're not constantly reapplying. The formula is specially made without ingredients that may irritate sensitive lips (did you know even essential oils can irritate some people?). I’m sure you know several people who need one of these healing balms!


4 | Sparitual — Citrus Cardamom Hand Salve from The Detox Market ($18)

Many people are washing their hands more, so give them some relief — but make it luxurious. Keep this made-from-nature hand salve (it’s thicker and more soothing than a lotion) in a purse or work bag or in the car to keep hands smooth and soft. The citrus scent is light yet uplifting, while the cardamom protects the skin. Our designer, Alexa, loves this product and says it works wonderfully! It’s not sticky or greasy, and makes a great addition to a stocking.


5 | Bathorium — Aphrodite Bath Bomb from The Detox Market ($25)

A soothing and decadent bath experience that isn’t harmful for you is such a delight! This small-batch-crafted bath bomb creates the perfect mood (complete with rose petals) for much-needed relaxation. With vanilla, cocoa absolute, and Bulgarian rose, it has an irresistible aroma — with coconut milk and creamy Kokum Butter to nourish the skin in luxurious moisture. Treat a loved one, or yourself. As the founder of Bathorium says, “bath is an art form and an expression of self worship.” We all need extra self care these days.


6 | Mount Lai — The De-Puffing Amethyst Mini Facial Roller from The Detox Market ($30)

Gift the gift of a gentle facial massage anywhere with this travel-sized tool. Using this Chinese skincare tool creates a cooling, soothing effect. The amethysts is beautiful, and is said to help relieve stress and cleanse any negative energies. It’s great for using after the gym, at work, while traveling, or, of course, at home. Face rolling has been used for thousands of years, for reducing puffiness, assisting lymphatic drainage, and relieving tension. Who doesn’t want glowing skin and relaxation on the go?


7 | Satya + Sage — Healer Candle from The Detox Market ($34)

You surely have someone who loves the power of scent to create a mood. Well, most candles are toxic, but not this one. This Healer candle is both uplifting and calming. With woodsy top notes, along with bergamot, vanilla, and musk, it creates an intoxicating experience. All Satya + Sage candles are made with natural soy and coconut wax and a cotton wick (for a slow, clean burn), and each comes with an intention in a reusable, recycled glass jar. Another self-care suggestion, because who doesn’t need a little extra care these days?


8 | Annmarie Skin Care — Healthy Shampoo and Conditioner

Sweet Sunrise Shampoo ($35)

This is the shampoo I use, from my favorite healthy, non-toxic skincare company. This herb-infused creation leaves hair silky and smooth, and smelling like you took a bath in a meadow! Made with nourishing and mineral-rich nettle, softening horsetail, and nutrient-rich aloe vera, it’s truly a wonderful experience to use it, and will leave hair looking and feeling healthy. All without harmful chemicals.


Sweet Sunrise Conditioner ($35)

Annmarie Skin Care also makes my favorite clean conditioner. With antioxidant-rich herbs and pure essential oils, it restores hair naturally. The scent is fresh and herbaceous, and the results are soft and shiny, with long-term strength.


Sweet Sunrise Travel Duo ($32)

Allow someone (or yourself) to try both the healthy shampoo and the healthy conditioner in smaller, travel sizes. It’s great to not use chemicals in hair while traveling!


9 | GreenSmoothieGirl — Ultimate Minerals, for a Healthy Life ($44)

I love gifting Ultimate Minerals. These are truly a self-care item because they help the body in so many ways! The highly absorbable minerals help you avoid illness (something on everyone’s mind), sleep better, lose extra pounds, gain energy, and more. People often see results, like stronger nails and faster hair growth, right away. And then, it’s a gift that keeps giving, because the benefits just keep getting better. I had dark circles under my eyes until I used Ultimate Minerals — a sign of inflammation — and they went away and never came back, when I started putting a dropperful of Ultimate Minerals in water, morning and night, and drinking it.


10 | Campo — Travel Diffuser from The Detox Market ($49)

I wish I had this when I traveled all the time! This mini diffuser is USB-powered, so you can dispense essential oils wherever you go — to transform the mood and cleanse the air. Give someone your favorite essential oil along with it, or allow them to use the ones they love.


11 | Ultimate Serum — CBD Soothe ($56)

A quick, soothing, and revitalizing experience with the finest, full-spectrum, organic CBD on the market made from hemp sustainably grown in Colorado. This 100% pure tincture is easy to use (simply take it under the tongue) and can be taken anywhere, to bring ease and calm to the body and mind. Helps ease stress and anxiety, pain, body stiffness, tooth sensitivities, and so much more. The 20% discount is the lowest we’ve offered (other than Subscribe & Save) because we want more people to experience the power of clean CBD. Plants really are powerful!


Save 20% using the link above

12 | Lifeboost Coffee — Healthy Coffee ($51)

I don’t recommend people drink coffee if they don’t already, but if they do, this clean and absolutely delicious coffee can truly be a self-care experience. It’s the purest, cleanest, healthiest coffee I’ve seen. On top of having low acidity, Lifeboost Coffee has zero of the junk that’s swimming around in most coffees that aggravates your stomach. So no pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, or mycotoxins. They’ve extended their 50% Black Friday deal for the GreenSmoothieGirl community, so it’s a perfect gift for the coffee lovers you know.


50% off using the link above

13 | Pique Tea — Healthy, Easy-to-Use Tea (Price varies, approximately $40)

I love Pique Teas, and they’re the perfect elevated gift for tea-lovers! Not only are they supremely high-quality and triple-tested for toxins, these unique “tea crystals” dissolve in hot or cold water (though some types require hot), making them incredibly easy to enjoy, literally anywhere! The Reishi Calm Elixir would make a wonderful self-care gift — it’s perfect for winding down at the end of the day. I also love their Herbal Tea Sampler as a soothing gift. And their Mint Herbal tea is also great for decompressing at night, and for supporting healthy digestion after a meal.


Save 5% with code GSG


An In-Home Sauna – They Extended the Deal For You!

If you learned about Influence Sauna but didn’t order one last month, they have a shipment of 400 saunas coming in later this month. This is a big deal because all the other competitors are sold out with the crazy supply-chain and port issues. 

And while an infrared sauna is something you buy just for people you REALLY love, they told me you could have the $700 off and $2k+ in freebies deal, extended just for December.



(If you DIDN'T hear me talk about the sauna I recommend that’s made for your health last month, here's my free webinar to discover why the right infrared sauna is the most powerful health/immunity tool you'll ever own.)

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