I’ll be in Seattle March 24-25, speaking in the HyperThrive tour with a celebrity any raw foodist knows, none other than David “Avocado” Wolfe! Check out the video and sign up to attend here – not only are both events free, but you also get a bunch of free stuff, a t-shirt, recipe books, chocolate, samples, and a shot at a year’s supply of all the products from my favorite nutrition company:


Let your Seattle friends know–see you soon!

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  1. Hi Robyn,

    For the Longevity Tour in Seattle, does registering guarantee a seat, or is that just for the free stuff?

    I just noticed there aren’t tickets to print like when you came to Sandy, OR.



    1. Nancy, I’m not running that show, I’m just one of two headliners. I think if you get there late, you’ll be standing. I would imagine that you wouldn’t be turned away–you just might not get a seat, as there are about 250+ RSVP’d for each event.

  2. Just wondering if both the UW and marlene’s market are the same or is it something we should plan on attending both. i am closer to Federal Way but will do both if it is necessary. I was told about Green Smoothies a few weeks ago and have been doing it almost every day since then, accept when I was sick, I would really like to know more about other ways of eating healthy.

  3. Robyn!

    I live in Seattle and have been spreading the Green Smoothie Girl message to so many people and referring them to your site. I’m excited to attend your event here in March! Glad you are making it out this way! 🙂

  4. Thankyou Robyn for the advice. I will work on the diet part and hopefully within the next week or so will get the blood work done.


  5. I follow a couple other nutrition blogs and although they share information about health and eating right, almost every blog has to do with signing up for some program and being charged for something. I want to thank you Robyn for not doing this and everyday being able to come on your site and learn something and become motivated without advertisement or feeling we need to purchase a product or program. Thank you Robyn, Diane

  6. Sorry had to finish here.

    Snack: pint of green smoothie, air popped popcorn

    Dinner: beans, rice or potato dish, salad with sunflower seeds and red wine vinegar

    Snack: maybe a slice of rice bread, hot cocoa made with unsweetened chocolate almond milk.


  7. Sounds like a fun time. I really enjoyed the class last night in Riverdale. I really loved the food that was served. It was so delicious. It really inspired me. I have a couple of questions. I am still having trouble losing weight and I don’t know if I am eating too much or what. I have about 12 more lbs. to get to my the weight I want to be. But I am really struggling with it. I am also trying to get healthy. I was really inspired by the amount of energy you have and I want that energy as well. Latley I have had problems with insomnia and some constipation. I would love to get my thyroid checked, but can’t afford it right now. Sorry I am probably rambling. But here is a look into my day, maybe you can help me out. Oh and can you make the hot pink breakfast smoothie the night before and save it in the fridge?

    I excercise 6 times a week. I do weights and excercise hard and ususally burn about 500-600 cal.

    Breakfast: (5:00am)- 1/2 c. oatmeal with stevia, cinnamon, a few raisins

    2nd. Breakfast (7:00 or 7:30am) hot pink breakfast smoothie

    Lunch:(12:00)- baked potato or a little of leftovers from the night before( beans, rice ect., pint of green smoothie

    1. Kathy, recommendations:

      1. Make each meal including Breakfast and Dinner be 60-80% raw. If you really can’t, then take digestive enzymes for a cooked meal.
      2. Get checked for the FULL BLOOD PANEL, not just TSH, because it sounds like you might have a hypothyroid issue going on? Thanks for coming last night!
      3. Insomnia: I’m going to blog on this really soon, but try melatonin, valerian root or hops, Liquid Light (see my store for that last one)

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