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By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jan 01, 2012


Here’s a recipe for CHOCOLATE MOUSSE, one version of a favorite and very common recipe among raw foodies. It’s so easy, and it might get you through a party where everyone else is eating shiz!

(Shiz is my kids’ latest word for ‘all things bad.’ I think they’re approximating a swear word in a way they get away with it?)


1 ripe avocado

1 ripe banana

2 soft dates

3 Tbsp cacao powder

Splash of vanilla, pinch of sea salt

Blend till creamy, optionally chill for 1-2 hours, and enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was too late to get in on the foot co-op this year. I’m interested in getting some almonds if anyone has too many, I’d love to buy some off you. Also, I bought freeze dried kifir start but if someone has the live starts I would love to get that also.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You might want to rethink that word. Shiz has some other meaning to it that my husband pointed out. You don’t want someone thinking that is what your kids mean. As a mother I have had these things happen to me as well. On a different topic, How do you fly with a blender. I am assuming it can’t be a carry on. Any suggestions. It will be to long of a trip to take frozen smoothies. Thanks

    P.S. You did great at the OC class. You inspired my mom, sister and friend that I brought with me(my friend and I came down from Santa Barbara). They are all doing smoothies daily and my mom has high iron and low blood pressure for the first time in her life. The doctor was so happy. Thanks for the chance to help sell your books. I hope I didn’t drive Kristen to crazy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I packed my blendtec for a month long trip to Florida last year. I took it in a wheeled carry-on. They really checked it out going over, but hardly looked at it coming back. Good luck traveling …for weekend trips, I use ormus greens & homemade kraut. Tough to shop in new cities with a short time frame.

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    Not trying to be sales like here but just passionate about health and what a good diet and Xocai combined and do for people.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Eleni – I have enough kefir grains right now for about 5 people. Where do you live?

  6. Ellen says:

    I love the nutrition articles on this website. I was looking for information on how much blending of the greens destroys the nutrient value due to oxidation. Have you written anything on that or have any research regarding that topic. My neighbor was a biochemistry major and many years ago she fed bacteria different types of foods to see which foods would help them thrive. She said that the blended foods produced the poorest results. Could it be that humans have a different way of digesting than a bacteria? Would love more information on this.

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