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See What Our Friends of GreenSmoothieGirl have to say:


Dear Robyn,

There are no words to express my gratitude for putting life and health into me. I am so grateful for your many years of hard work, research, physical, and emotional energy you put into everything your work.

Much continued success, especially during a very unhealthy time in our country from quarantine to unhealthy medications, surgeries and ongoing medical chronic conditions. 

May you feel how much you are appreciated. You are truly an amazing woman.

- Maria W.


I just had a doctors appointment and my PCP congratulated me left and right on my improved health. She asked me how I did it and I told her it was the GreenSmoothieGirl detox program! I was 161 when I was last in their office in 2021 and today I am 125.

I did the program with the manual twice. I told her all about the types of foods we have on the program and she was very impressed! She expects my cholesterol labs to come back much improved. Thank you for making your program available and sharing this wealth of information!

- Aliza E.

Robyn is amazingly knowledgeable.

Everything I have purchased and gone through (26 Day Detox, 12 Steps) is top-notch quality, amazing support.

I am in absolute love with her programs and community. All her recommendations, blogs, podcasts are on my high-priority lists. They have moved my life to higher vibrations and consciousness.

Thank you, Robyn, for all you do.

- Vladka M.

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