have you seen the site’s new design??

Have you seen the redesign of the site? Check it out HERE! What do you think?

A redesign of this blog is next!

Just back tonight from our weekend in Denver, where we had a blast—we’ve got lots of videos, stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “have you seen the site’s new design??

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  1. Love the new site. A smidgen slower on the animated items would be good… but overall, it is GREAT. Big kudos — on the cool looking site, the info packed posts, your commitment to health — and your calmb & confident dissension about the Mercola double-talk. Go girl!!

  2. I agree with the suggestion of slowing down the action in the banner. I find the speed distracting.

    Robyn, do you know that some of your videos won’t load? I’ve tried off and on for several weeks to watch #7 on page 1, the one on using raw almonds. It starts to load then a triangle and exclamation point show up, and nothing further happens. I think that’s happened on at least one other video, but I don’t remember which one.

  3. Same here – love the colors, and the juggling fruit going into the glass, but the blender ad/info moves so fast you can’t read it all, and it made me a little edgy and dizzy to let it reappear enough times to read through it. As for Dr. Mercola, seems his motto is ‘if you can’t beat ’em, ban ’em.’ No respect for that man.

  4. Like the new design and love the colors. Not sure what the other suggestions are referring to…I had no problem with the banner!

  5. I like the new look! Good job! One suggestion…make the banner s.l.o.w.e.r. It is so hard to read those paragraphs in the .01 seconds it’s up! Lol.

  6. I don’t like the bar on top with the blendtec changing photos. It gives me a headache whizzing by your eyes. I find it very distracting. I would like to see a better photo of you, you look to washed out in that photo. The photo of you & your kids is wonderful! I like the new banner. With any change it takes me a little while to get used to things.

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