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I Hate Cancer.

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Aug 24, 2015

paracelsus al ronc cancer treatment facility

Rest in peace, my friends, Heinz and Cindy

My dear friend Cindy Graves, a GreenSmoothieGirl Senior Apprentice, passed away of cancer recently. Too young, only 57. Six years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and did some chemo. Cancer was re-diagnosed only 6 weeks before she passed away. She leaves behind her husband, Mark, and 4 children, including a teenager. Cindy was an absolutely vibrant woman: fun, smart, patient, and helpful. Everyone who knew her loved her. The GSG team will miss her.

And a former flame of mine, Heinz, passed away recently at only 59 years old. I wrote about his story HERE last year.

Heinz was a patient at the Swiss Mountain Clinic (formerly Paracelsus al Ronc) a year ago, when he had been Stage IV for 4 years. He went to Paracelsus after reading about it on my blog. We met on the elevator (he didn’t recognize me). He lived a rather spectacular life, in fact, glamorous and adventurous. I think that Heinz got many more months of life due to his 3-week stay at the clinic than he would have otherwise. A year ago, he was in a very late stage with lots of pain and extremely underweight.

After being treated in Paracelsus, he went home to Boulder where he co-owned an oxygen and elixir bar, and felt better than he had in ages. He was playing basketball and hiking. Then six months later, near-kidney failure put him in the hospital and he nearly died. He made it another six months, with good days and bad.

I was able to fly to Denver to spend a couple of days with Heinz at the very end, when he was unable to care of himself. Knowing him has been an amazing blessing in my life. I am always humbled and inspired by people who reach the end of their life and choose to leave this world with grace and goodwill to everyone they’ve known.

I hate cancer. I don’t think it’s effective to “fight” it. Because cancer is a failure of the immune system, it makes no sense to me to further pummel the immune system, a.k.a. “fight it.” My own treatment, if I faced this disease, would likely be instead to reduce toxic load (IV chelation, essential oils, etc.), to flood the body with lots of nutrition (i.e. green juicing all day, every day, for many months), and to support the body’s immune system. Plus, lots of energy work to make sure my emotions and spirituality are in alignment with healing. And hope for the best every day. I’d be on a plane to Switzerland for as much treatment as I could afford.

I’m not suggesting this should be someone else’s choice. It’s just what I’d feel comfortable with. Some people really believe in chemotherapy and radiation. I just, personally, would not believe in these treatments, as I’ve been educated far past my ability to believe in their efficacy. So, I’d have to choose something else. I do believe that one has to, above all, be at peace with your treatment and believe in it.

I hate that half of American men now get cancer in a lifetime, and more than one-third of women. I’m hoping that in my lifetime we will see the tide turn, as people live a more preventative lifestyle. Eating plants, not trash food and animals. Cleaning up our water and air. Oxygenating the body through physical activity.

I’m hoping we begin to accept more holistic and integrative treatments here in the U.S. I’m hoping more research is done on natural modalities’ effectiveness. My daughter Emma worked at Paracelsus in Switzerland last year for 7 months. She helped make their website and other materials more English-friendly so their life-changing research could reach even farther.

Heinz and Cindy, I miss you. Much love and peace to you on the next stage in your journey.

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  1. sandie says:

    I just signed up. I like the way you write. I just lost a friend of 50 years to melanoma that metastasized. I talked to him 2 months ago. He kept in touch with me for all of these years where ever he was in the world. He went the route of chemicals and like you I wound not subject myself to that. It seem like wasting the time you have left, trying to save yourself and not living. I have seen this more than a few times.

  2. BARB says:

    but my prayers for those who suffer

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