Happy Easter! (a day late)

You’d think after 3.5 years of blogging nearly every day, that I’d be thinking of blog possibilities in everything I do….but Easter got away from me without bringing this up in advance! Sorry about that if you were looking for ideas. These are some notes for next year.

We had a nice day with sprouted-buckwheat blueberry pancakes, dyeing Easter eggs, the traditional hunt for the baskets I made, and dinner and a “family home evening” lesson after. To me, Easter is about rebirth, second chances, remembering that we are all redeemable. I talked to my kids about that. How I will love them no matter what. How they have a CHOICE in more and more things, as they get older. They can choose their actions, just not the consequences. But consequences are good teachers. I told them I’m mostly happy with the choices they’re making and proud of the ways they’re learning and growing.

Here’s what I do to let my kids know I care about them in that “gift” kind of way–and so they can participate in the holiday traditions without it becoming a junk-fest.

I mostly fill their baskets with little non-food gifts. This year, a gift from San Diego’s Sea World, where I was a couple weeks ago. A stuffed animal. There’s a can of Zevia soda (no chemicals, sweetened with stevia, with some natural citrus oils). And I put in LOTS of those little plastic eggs, but I get candies from bulk at the health-food store and put just a FEW pieces of candy in the eggs. Therefore it LOOKS like a lot, and it’s colorful and fun–but the sugar damage is minimal.

Not everything in the bulk bins is very good–in fact, not much is. I got yogurt -covered raisins and Sunspire peanut-chocolate candy. No artificial colors, unrefined sweeteners. Still not fabulous nutrition by any means, but 50% better than the regular candy alternatives, and a minimal amount of it.

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  1. I love this idea, some great inspiration for next year. I’m guessing that beautiful girl is your daughter….so pretty, just like mama. Happy and blessed Easter to you all. 🙂

    1. Nothing special, we had vegetarian enchiladas, with a big salad, and some peanut butter cookies (recipe in Ch. 11)!

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