GSG Detox Graduate is Back in the Big Bed!

Quick Start GuideI love reading Detox questionnaires more than ANYTHING in my whole day. I cut and paste the “testimonials” into a big document, and also the “suggestions.” (That’s how I make it better and better—listening to feedback.)

I have about 500% more awesome testimonials than would fit on our webpage HERE. My webmasters said, STOP SENDING THEM, we had to cut a ton, WordPress won’t hold that much text! I get so excited reading about high blood pressure dropping, people ditching their meds after their engine is running cleaner, headaches clearing, big-big weight loss, brain fog clearing, ditching addictions, and so many other things.

But I’ve never LAUGHED OUT LOUD like I did reading James R.’s testimonial from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Should I go to the page where we explain the detox, and tell people if they do it, they might get more lovin? OOH LA LA!

Oh, before I forget to mention, Jame’s  27 POUND WEIGHT LOSS is a new record! I believe we’ve had about 10 people lose 22-25 pounds. The average is almost 13 pounds. Not bad for 26 days, right? And he says he was never hungry.

Here’s Jame’s story:

I was out of shape and on a fast-track towards health problems. I wasn’t working out and ate large portions of horrible processed and fast food! Oh yeah, and I smoked cigarettes. I snored so loud that I was……sleeping on the couch 🙁

Cucumber-and-Tomato-Salad-Recipe1On top of the health issues, my wife and I were…..let’s just say, um, not on the same page. When she told me she was doing the GSG Detox, and wanted me to, it came at a perfect time for me. I knew I had major changes to make, and quick.

That was December 23rd. I stopped smoking that night, and began mentally preparing for the detox. The first week was a tough transition, and my dreaded meal was the plain potato for lunch. However, I loved the green smoothies, and began to crave the taste of blended, healthy greens. I was never hungry the entire time, and found meals that we will eat forever. (Purple heaven and cucumber tomato salad are delish!)

I began losing weight fast. I went from 244 to 230 in the first week. I became motivated for wifey and me! We had a couple of moments where we considered cheating, but luckily not on the same days, so one of us always held the another accountable for our success.

i_love_green_smoothies_rectangle_magnetWe made it through, and on my last weigh in I was at 217. It’s now been 3+ weeks since the detox ended and here are some highlights:

I kept my weight off!  I drink green smoothies twice per day. I’m still not smoking. I AM BACK IN MY BED AGAIN! My wife and I are…..ahem…..on the same page. She is so proud of my lifestyle change. GSG has truly changed my life!!

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  1. I don’t know where to ask a question, but I really need to know if the Beaverton, Oregon classes were cancelled. I have the paper I brought home from seeing Robyn in Portland, and was going to attend these next 2 classes and can’t find them on here, please help.

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