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Group Buy Item List

Agave30 lbs
Almonds25 lbs
Bee Pollen Granules48 oz
Baobab Powder36 oz
Bee Pollen Granules48 oz
Cocoa Nibs5 lbs
Cacao Powder64 oz
Cashew Pieces25 lbs
Chia Seeds25 lbs
Coconut Flour25 lbs
Coconut Oil3 gal
Coconut Sugar25 lbs
Date Pieces30 lbs
Einkorn Wheat25 lbs
Flax Seed25 lbs
Honey30 lbs
Lentils25 lbs
Oat Milk6 liters
Olive Oil4 gal
PB Fit Organic90 oz
PB Fit Chocolate90 oz
Pumpkin Seeds27.5 lbs
Quinoa25 lbs
Rolled Oats25 lbs
Sunflower Seeds25 lbs
Trail Mix10 lbs
Walnuts25 lbs
BlendBar: Green Smoothie(3) 12 bar boxes
BlendBar: Pink Smoothie(3) 12 bar boxes
BlendBar: Chocolate Dipped Smoothie(3) 12 bar boxes
Bone Broth: Vanilla3 lbs
Bone Broth: Chocolate3 lbs
Bone Broth: Natural3 lbs
Bone Broth: Variety3 lbs
Superfood Protein: Chocolate3 lbs
Superfood Protein: Vanilla3 lbs
Sprouted Flax3 lbs
Tri-Omega3 lbs
Prezyme Pro180 capsules
Ultimate Minerals(3) 4 oz bottles
Ultimate Minerals Travel Size(3) 2 oz bottles
GreenSmoothieGirl Bottle(3) 32-oz bottles