GreenSmoothieGirl Does McDonalds

We greensmoothiegirled this McD’s in Las Vegas.   That means we stopped to use the facilities but did not participate in the Weapons of Mass Destruction (Big Mac, fries, and a Coke) that comprises McDonalds Corporation.   (I know, we shouldn’t use the facilities if we’re not contributing to the company’s profitability, but I worked there when I was 16—officially the last time I ate there—so I’ve contributed, right?)   Then we ate our lunch of GS plus some peanut-butter-banana sandwiches outside in the sunshine.   The irony!

Emma felt sorry for this trash can.   “He’s going to get cancer,” she said, “since he’s fed nothing but junk all day.”   We fed some traces of vegs and fruits to him (the first he’s ever had?) on our green smoothie straws when we were done.   Hopefully we saved his life.   But his odds aren’t good.



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  1. Although I have not frozen green smoothies, I had a friend do it and said it worked great, tasted fine when it thawed. So I think it’s a great travel idea, like you said, serving as a slow-thawing ice block to keep other produce cool. You could make two or three days’ worth of smoothies, freezing two days’ supply and possibly avoid buying ice, saving energy and money.

  2. Robyn,

    Thanks for sharing your healthy vacation with us. It gave me some more ideas. I took a trip with my family last week. My vacation wasn’t quite as healthy. I realized that I tried to do too much. For our next trip, I am going to do 1 or 2 things. I need to take smaller steps. I am going to chop veggies BEFORE we leave. Also, have you ever froze your green smoothie? I was thinking that if I made it ahead of time, it would act like an ice block in the cooler for a while. What do you think?

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