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Want to Change Your Life with ONE Magical Habit?

The Fall 9-Day Green Smoothie Challenge Is Free. Are You In?

97% of people said green smoothies improved their health — & their life!

If you’re tired of suffering... If you’re ready to get back on track... If you want life-changing results... the Fall Challenge starts Monday, September 11th!

  • Enjoy more ENERGY
  • Strengthen your natural IMMUNITY
  • Drop extra pounds
  • CLEANSE your body

"This is the easiest health-related challenge I’ve ever done! The smoothies were delicious, recipes provided, so it required no additional mental energy, and the support group was motivating!" — Sheryl B.

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20,000+ People Love This Challenge...

It’s So EASY!

“This is the easiest way to make a major difference in how you feel and look in just a few days!” – Anna E.

Your Jump-Start for Better Health 

“I needed somewhere to start, something to help me figure out what healthy looked like. I was stuck in the rut of quick instant meals, and I could not fathom healthy could be quick and easy. But I was wrong! I feel better than I have in years.” – Valerie M.

Think You’re Already Healthy?

“Even if you're already a green smoothie drinker, everyone should participate in this challenge. The health benefits are one thing, however, you also reap the benefits of additional ideas to add to your smoothies, lots of support, and a game-changing way to incorporate healthier foods into your everyday diet.” – Joy C.

Gain Motivation for A Healthier Life

“Doing the 9-Day Challenge helped me re-orient myself to better daily decisions for the rest of the month and for the rest of my life.” – Lawrence F.

Get Guidance & Support

“What an easy way to get nutrition into your body! The guidance with this program was superb. Overall, I lost 5 pounds. The pain in my right knee dissipated! It remains gone! I will do the challenge again! I recommend it HIGHLY!” – Kay G.

Because you don’t want to miss this easy way to change your life!

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