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Goodbye to speaking tours!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jul 10, 2015

I’ve loved traveling to 450 cities on speaking tours in the past 6 years. And I’m not “burned out.” But for the rest of the year, maybe permanently (haven’t decided yet), I’ve decided to stay home and focus on some neglected projects that I plan to bring value to your life.

I’ve learned so much meeting GreenSmoothieGirl readers nationwide, sharing my story with you and hearing yours. I have thousands of faces and hundreds of stories in my head and heart.

I have one more tour ahead of me in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia. I just came back from Idaho Falls, which is an interesting town because it’s rather drab and nondescript, except for the beautified section of the Snake River along the hotel and shopping district where I run into little surprises like this art in a little pond and this spectacular roundabout in a “downtown” with no multi-story buildings. I have spoken there for 7 years in a row, since I started traveling and speaking.

IMG_0720I’ll miss stuff like this—running in new places and discovering your city’s treasures, teaching things that matter for your health and your life.

I’m not saying goodbye. I am just getting back to research as well as revitalizing the whole GSG site that will relaunch by end of July to be far more encompassing than just about nutrition and eating whole foods. Much of my research and life experience in the past 5 years goes far beyond food. My site will be blog-centric and the blog and newsletter will get more of my focus.

Thank you, Boise and Idaho Falls, for the fun memories. And thank you to so many who have come to hear and taste how amazing whole foods are and how your health can transform when following basic principles. I’ve loved every minute of it. Maybe sometime, I’ll do it again. For now, Baby Boy gets his mama at all baseball games, and gets some TLC and a facelift!

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  1. Nichole Norton says:

    I’m sad that you won’t be doing any more speaking tours this year. The last time you were scheduled for Denver you had to have someone else speak in your place and I was looking forward to your energy again. I got to see you in the Fall/Winter last year and your presentation convinced my mom on the benefits of greensmoothies, even though I’d been showing her the great results I’d been having for about 9 months. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures and ideas in the coming years though, and know that there’s still so much for you to teach me.

  2. Betty Cornwall says:

    Will miss you. Just found you three years ago. I love all your info that you put out. Good luck in your future quest!

  3. Linda Henderson says:

    Thank you for instilling the value of green smoothies in my life. I enjoy them each and every day of my life. I have enjoyed your speaking tours and will miss them. But I must say, I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us in the future. Good luck with your endeavors and enjoy your family!

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