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Good Vibrations

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Dec 20, 2013

It’s a song by The Beach Boys that you’ve never about thought much. Feel free to listen to it HERE while you read this blog.

I’ve been obsessed with studying vibrational energy in the past year, and my 2014 lecture is all about this. How to stop obsessing about calories and macronutrients and other fairly useless nutritional concepts. How to focus on what you care about most anyway, with your food choices—raising your vibration.

Cells, organ systems, and human beings have electrical frequencies, and higher frequencies are better. People who are dying have ever-decreasing energetic measurements. Higher vibration is needed if we are to be compassionate, loving, productive, intelligent, spiritually connected, evolved in every way. When we are around a substance or a person of a higher vibration, did you know that it can raise ours?

Did you know that these things lower your vibration: cell phones, angry or depressed people, power lines, fear, TV watching, candy and coffee? Did you know that these things raise your vibration: certain crystals or gemstones, people telling you about an idea they are excited about, meditation and yoga, loving physical touch or sexual release with someone you feel connected to, green smoothies, and essential oils?

EatRightInTheRealWorldFinalSo I’m not going to deliver a treatise today on vibration, even though I’d like to. It’s in my new book releasing in a few weeks, How to Eat Right In the Real World, and in my lecture tour by the same title.

But let me share a few somewhat random thoughts with you from my own pondering and also from Coach Amanda’s Pinterest collection of talks and articles on the subject that she created after I told the coaches we should develop a class. Don’t you love short little quotes, by someone really smart, that hit you between the eyes? That’s what these did for me.

1.Perhaps stress is more about the stories we tell ourselves about our lives.

–Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

(I think the most important book on this subject is The Bonds That Make Us Free, by Terry C. Warner. I read it 20 years ago, when it was an unpublished manuscript, and it may have changed my outlook in life, for the better, more than any other book I’ve ever read. Read that, or Warner’s business book, Leadership and Self-Deception, for an exercise in getting really clear about how the stories you tell yourself, about your life, may be holding you and those you love back from your true potential.)

This next quote contains very New-Agey-jargon, but see if it speaks to you anyway, even if it’s a little outside your comfort zone. Sit with it, tell me what you think?

2. “…..spiritual hygiene and the proper use of our energy fields are imperative to our well-being. Our aura is our PROTECTION so if we get in an argument with someone and we are upset, it is highly likely our energy field will expand so rapidly that we will get tears and holes in it. In addition, excessive drinking and drugs also greatly affect our shield of protection, as well as a very poor diet. We need to keep our aura STRONG, our thoughts in alignment with our highest good, and also we need to pray and meditate so we can incorporate more LIGHT into our being. LIKE energy attracts LIKE energy……so make sure your thoughts are constructive, not destructive, and also be careful of your FEARS. Whatever we fear will be magnetized to us.

–author Sabrina Reber

Dr. Jared Nielsen, in a seminar he did with me, after I spoke on vibrational energy at the GSG Retreat in Switzerland that just ended on Dec. 8, said that he has read evidence that vibration of food increases when you pray over it.

He had us all say, “Thank you” together, out loud. It was a simple thing to do, but it was very powerful, and Cynthia B. declared “I feel better already!”

As a public speaker, I notice that energy shifts in a group have a clear, quick, vibrational effect on all members of the group. Someone who is doing something irritating in an audience negatively charges the energy of a large group of people. (Answering their phone, or ignoring their crying baby.) The speaker sharing something intimate and inspiring raises vibration. A speaker being self-indulgent and arrogant lowers vibration. A speaker with little energy, poorly prepared, lowers vibration. An audience member interrupting the teacher to change the subject to something the audience doesn’t want to hear about lowers vibration. A teacher who is passionate about what she’s speaking about raises vibration.

I love being a student of these principles and practicing and learning more about raising my own energies, so my cells can thrive and do their work, and so that I can raise the vibration of those around me! I, too, find myself doing things that bring me lower. Today, on the very day I write about this, I have done some stuff that lowered my vibration.

I am still learning from my mistakes. Tomorrow, though, is new!


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  1. With the right vibrational sequence a line of communication can be directed to living cells. Communicating through energetic vibration that carries knowledge can essentially heal.

  2. Really interested in all this new info 🙂

  3. Holly J. says:

    Hi Robyn, I am so excited to attend your lecture and learn about raising my vibration. Excellent topic and I can’t wait to learn from you and read your new books too. Thank you Robyn! Have a Merry Christmas xo

  4. Loralie says:

    So glad you are incorporating info about vibrational energy into your lecture that I am signed up for. I am into energy healing so this is interesting to me. Thanks!

  5. Cindy says:

    So happy about your new direction as well as the path you were already on! I had the pleasure of hearing you speak once, You are a beautiful , positive vibration for our quickly evolving planet. thank you for all you bring! Cindy

  6. Holly says:

    Really loved this blog. I was just watching a Teal Scott video on youtube last week about raising your vibration.

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