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We’re going to the Swiss Mountain Clinic again! May 25, 2014

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Dec 23, 2013


Scenic Castaneda, Switzerland

I had the most fabulous time, recently returned, from our 2-week Liver Detox retreat in the Swiss Alp town of Castaneda, at the Swiss Mountain Clinic (formerly known as Clinica Paracelsus al Ronc). Our retreat was waitlisted by the time we went, as the clinic is small with only about 20 private rooms. My GSG reader friends and I each had 40 treatments of different kinds, and 3 daily gourmet healthy meals, while enjoying the winter sunshine and ambience of one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

I discovered this biological (holistic) medical clinic in 2012—possibly the best-kept healing secret in the world—on my world-wide tour studying non-toxic cancer treatment. I fell madly in love with it, and have been there three times in the past year, now! There is nothing like it, for such an affordable price, anywhere in the world. Until I began writing about it, you could not even find any information about it in English, anywhere.

It’s a rather miraculous, seemingly random story how I even found out about it. It was through one obscure sentence in someone’s self-published book, that gave me a lead I chased, and rather accidentally landed in the Swiss Mountain Clinic. I was so astonished to find that it exceeded treatment standards, not to mention the four-star and full-service facility, and the gorgeous surroundings—for a lower price than anywhere I’d been. The cost is lower than several clinics in Tijuana, Mexico I have studied at–in the most expensive, possibly the most advanced country in the world, no less!

paracelsus al ronc

Paracelsus al Ronc Clinic

This is because the spectacular facility, built in 1985 for $17 million and now valued at $25 million, sold to Dr. Wiechel and her husband two years ago for $3 million, some of which was gifted to them by a grateful patient. They live on-site and do not care much for money—they love their mission and caring for those who enter their sacred healing space. What this means is that they can provide world-class care, in an unparalleled clinic, very affordably.

It is a wonderful place to go and be treated for cancer, but they also excel at helping people identify heavy metal toxicity and chelate (remove) those metals. I asked Dr. Wiechel what she feels she is most successful at, what she likes to treat. She says she has a lot of success with fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, and many neurodegenerative, energy, and gut issues. It is difficult to find holistic treatment for these health issues in the U.S. that is so controlled by modern medicine’s “Standard of Care.”

When I was there this time, I met a Stage IV esophageal cancer patient, and a lady who had been on medications for Parkinsons—both of whom had arrived in a wheelchair in September. On Dec. 1, I found them both to be walking around and looking good. The elderly lady was off her Parkinsons meds.

Please come to our next Liver Detox May 25 – June 4, 2014! It’s a 10-day trip led by GSG Coach Madeline Wilson (you’ll have seminars with her in the evenings as well) and hosted by Drs. Wiechel and Schultze at the Swiss Mountain Clinic. Read about the details HERE, including price, and photos and testimonials of GSG readers who went on our two 2013 retreats.

Dr. Petra Wiechel

Dr. Petra Wiechel

If you cannot come with the group on those dates, ask Coach Madeline to get you the amazing rate we’ve negotiated, for a different time that you can go. If you have cancer, your price will be dependent on the specific treatments you and the doctors elect. And you really must go for 3 weeks rather than 10 days, to be treated for cancer. But you are also welcome at the retreat, as part of your stay!

Coach Madeline is your liaison, and you can reach her at coachmadeline@greensmoothiegirl.com.

Dr. Jared Nielsen, my friend from Heber, Utah, came along for the November event. He taught a few seminars, and I’m so impressed at his knowledge of ways the human body and spirit can heal. We all so enjoyed each other’s company so much that we’d stay after our meals and chat, until someone finally had to run off for a treatment.

Diagnostics and treatments include hyperthermia, reflexology, iridology, lymphatic drainage, and many exotic European practices to help your liver regenerate itself and clean house. Experts say the liver has 500 to 1,000 different functions, so it’s a valuable exercise to spent 10 days honoring the work it does, and give it a “rest-and-reboot.” After a week, you use Epsom salts and the oil treatment to do the “liver flush.”

You can also choose to do a Heavy Metal Recovery program instead of the liver cleanse. I highly recommend, while you are there, that you take the heavy metal challenge test to ascertain which heavy metals may be causing you problems. This is an under-acknowledged but very common problem in modern people who are invariably exposed to a variety of heavy metals that are not easily eliminated by the body.

I think $4,000 for a 10-day stay at the Swiss Mountain Clinic would be worth it if it were nothing but an R&R vacation with the lodging, meals, and weekend sightseeing included. What you will get, though, with the medical consultations, diagnostics, and treatment, is far, far more!

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  1. Dear Robyn,

    Thanks for the info / review!

    I’m actually … while writing this reply … in a train on my way to the Paracelcus Clinica al Ronc in CH-Castaneda!

    My stay lasts only one week and I’m going for one of the intensive weeks they offer …

    Kind regards and all the best,
    “NoBody needs mercury!”


  2. Hmmmm, where is my reply that I left yesterday … 😉

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