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Go and wash in the water: are the simplest answers the hardest? . . . part 3 of 6 on WATER

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - Aug 06, 2008 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Dr. B’s plain, simple, commonsense advice to drink 1 ounce of water for every 2 lbs. of body weight reminds me of another story.   In the Bible, Naaman was a captain in the Syrian army, and he was very ill with leprosy.   He went to Elisha the prophet, the introduction having been made by the kings of Syria and Israel.   Imagine his surprise when Elisha, rather than receiving him, sent a messenger out to tell Naaman to simply wash in the River Jordan seven times.   Naaman was indignant.


In 2 Kings 5:13, Naaman’s servants say to him, “If the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it?   How much rather then, when he sayeth to thee, wash, and be clean?”   Naaman follows the simple advice and is healed.


The simplest answers are sometimes hardest to believe.   Sometimes, especially in this age where we’ve come to expect whiz-bang, high-tech miracles, simple answers are the last ones we consider instead of the first.   Doctors don’t often start with the most simple answers, like chronic dehydration.   They go right to pharmaceuticals.   So we have to try those simple answers ourselves.


Let’s all do this from today forward.   Are you drinking 10 glasses daily?   How can you find a way to fit this habit into your schedule?   For me, a very important part of that involves drinking about 16 oz. immediately upon waking up.   I drink another 16 oz. after my workout in the morning.   The rest I fit into my day, avoiding drinking water right before or after meals (wait 2 hrs. after meals to avoid diluting gastric juices).   When I was a first-time nursing mother, a friend told me, “Never walk past a sink without drinking a glassful.”   This was very helpful advice.

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3 thoughts on “Go and wash in the water: are the simplest answers the hardest? . . . part 3 of 6 on WATER”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What exactly does diluting gastric juices do to you because I always drink water with my meal I get thirsty!

  2. http:// says:

    Hello! Steff here, Robyn’s assistant. She’s still in Europe, but will be back soon!

    From what I understand, drinking before, during, or after eating dilutes your digestive juices and inhibits the digestion of food and the absorbtion of nutrients.

    Personally, when I drink with meals I always end up feeling like my food is sloshing around in my stomach for hours after I eat. I also usually end up with gas/bloating too (sorry if that’s TMI).

  3. http://? says:

    hm… I always drink about 24 ish oz. before dinner, maybe not so much during… it’s mostly to keep my tummy full and avoid overeating. So if we’re supposed to drink so much how do we fit it all in? I mean, 2 hours after dinner means I’m going to pee all night long, lol! Is there a limit on how soon before a meal?

    My tip for getting more water: Drink 2 full glasses every time you go pee. Ditto on the sink thing. 🙂

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