Giveaway for parents who want their family eating healthy!

Today you’ll want to make a comment or ask a question below because we’ve got a cool prize from my friends, Amy and Natalie, of—an insanely popular site and Facebook page. Like 2 MILLION popular.

They’re serious about helping families feed their kids right, and they practice what they preach. So tomorrow I’ll tell you WHO WINS! But make sure you not only comment below, but are also signed up here, and “like” us on FB.

More $200+ prizes still to come . . .  Stay tuned and thanks for supporting BlendAid for Mothers Without Borders.

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  1. Yes. And schools dont feed kids very healthy. My kids love my smoothies. I have to sneak kale in. But i need a blentec blender.

  2. This is such a great idea! I have two grand babies and their eating habits are not very good. Their mommy tries really hard but these plates might just make the difference. And those meal plans would really be a great help for my daughter-in-law.

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