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GIVEAWAY, Cool Caps for Kids!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jul 02, 2012

First three people to write us, at support123@greensmoothiegirl.com, get a free Cool Caps from GreenPaxx.com. Check them out, very “green product” so our green smoothies don’t cause us to use lots of throwaway plastic. What an innovative mom Cindy is, who invented this product. Here’s the story she wrote us:

I always maintain a healthy diet.  Isn’t that what we all say? I’ve exercised religiously since I was a teenager doing Jane Fonda’s aerobics.  I don’t have to worry about what I eat because I’m skinny. Right? It was easy to rationalize my habits when I only had myself to speak for. Then came Baylen. 

And within four and a half years also came Adelina, Travis and Luciana.  Holy %@!, what have I done?!  I had four kids in 4.5 years.  Yep, you read right.  My oldest was 4.5 and I had a 3 year old,1 year old and a newborn.  Everyone expected me to eventually don a straightjacket. I had no time for postpartum depression. Frankly I had no time to use the bathroom. What seemed like all of a sudden, I had four mouths to feed and needed to get it right. 

I was raised the fourth of five siblings in a small apartment, but we always had a vegetable garden.  My mother worked 6 nights a week and somehow managed to have dinner cooked and ready for us before she left for work. Surely as a stay-at-home Mom, the least I could do was cook for my children. 

But things are different now. 

There are so many messages being thrown at us from so many directions.  I never had little squeegee tubes filled with ‘baby food’ when I was a baby.  I never ate a frozen chicken nugget in my life, but all the moms around me were giving them to their kids.  Is this the new norm?

I felt like if I changed my ways and embraced a new (or really old) way of eating I would be criticized for being different.  But the responsibility of caring for four small children was overwhelming.  Especially when they’re little and they get sick.  I felt responsible.  Both of my sons had terrible ear infections.  My first pediatrician advised me to keep Baylen on antibiotics for months to keep the infection ‘controlled.’

Then Travis had tubes put into his ears.  It was only when my fourth child, Luciana (Lulu) developed asthma and coughed continuously for 2 years that I had had enough.  Her pediatrician advised me to give her Albuterol and steroid inhalers. Then Singulair daily. And you should try Claritin too, he said.

Keep in mind that I am an RN, so I know more than the average person about health.  But who can I trust, if not my pediatrician?  I would fill the scripts then never give them to her.  Intuitively I knew it wouldn’t help her and the Mother’s guilt I have for giving Baylen antibiotics for so long will be with me forever.  (Enter tears.)

So I made it my mission to get my children eating as many different types of organic vegetables as possible.  I wanted to give all four of them the nutrition they needed to  build their immune systems on their own, sans pills.

I made up silly names for vegetables to get them laughing.  I sang songs and high fived them at the dinner table.  Whatever it took.  I would puree red cabbage and give it to Lulu as a baby so she would be familiar with the taste as she grew.  I chopped and chopped (and chopped) all sorts of vegetables so they wouldn’t choke but could still eat them raw.

And we began drinking the almighty green smoothie.  I was amazed how easily they drank kale!  Only problem was we used disposable straws and plastic cups, both of which are toxic to our bodies and our planet.  So I decided to launch a business based on my ideals of getting more raw foods in our diet and lessening our environmental impact.  And GreenPaxx was born.

My kids loved the bright colors and new found independence drinking green smoothies with their new Cool Cap and Cool Straws.  And I was happy to finally make the switch to only using glass for my kids with no disposable plastics whatsoever.  And I was happy to make my own post-workout smoothies without buying big tubs of powder with questionable ingredients.  Think hemp/ banana / goji / kale-delish! Jane Fonda would be proud.

I have received so many emails from moms thanking me for these products.  Sometimes you need to inject a little fun into healthy eating to make it easier for kids.  And our mission is to do just that.  We believe in the power of the green smoothie and are thrilled to offer fun Eco-friendly products to make them all the more fun!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So cool!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The video with the Kiddos eating that Raw Onion was funny! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am a R.N. and just started working as a school nurse. I love my job and especially enjoy the teaching I get to do with the students, staff and families. The caps are a great idea.

  4. Anonymous says:

    great products both the straw and the cap.

    I have five children and I will use them

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