Get your tissues out for this one!

Congratulations to Kristin Lillemo of Minnesota on winning the Thrive Life shopping spree!

Event Promotions will contact you shortly and hook you up with our friends, Jodi and Julie, at Food Storage Made Easy to find out what you want to stock your pantry with!

Today is my FAVORITE blog. We take a break from talking about green smoothies, superfoods, and prizes, and we focus on the plight of AIDS orphans in Africa. You will LOVE this interview with my tennis teammate, Cindy Mason, who just got back from serving these kids for 2 weeks in Africa. Get your tissues out. We’ll be back to giving away prizes TOMORROW.

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  1. I have a dear friend going to Ghana with a group in just a few weeks to serve the people there for two weeks, including visiting 4 schools to teach a program there and to donate books, medical supplies, etc. It’s been so fun just to see her trip and the group evolve and gather together precious donations. What you are doing is so amazing.

  2. I have been to Africa, not for a humanitarian trip like Cindy, but did visit schools there as well as villages where the people lived. It is truly transformational in a way you can never understand. Eagerly awaiting information on the trip next year.

  3. So many of us take for granted all the things and opportunities we have. We need to learn that there are so many others less unfortunate and reach out as you are doing. Your dedication to helping the truly unfortunate is extraordinary.

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