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from Brenda, on facebook

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Mar 25, 2012

Thanks to Brenda DeSmit in Canada, on facebook, for posting this (I’ve edited it for length):

I must post my experience with Green Smoothie Girl & her 12 Steps to Whole Foods program.

Last summer I was forced to quit my high-stress, fast-paced career due to my health. A successful Finance & Insurance Manager is a self-determined, strong-willed, kick-ass personality…NOTHING takes us down. NEVER did anything get in my way until the last few years—recently every little thing seemed to have me BEAT).

I’d developed a muscular condition that was taking my life from me. I dealt with at least 9 pain points randomly on my body at any given time all throughout each day! My bowels had stopped working on their own. My vision was blurred and I had very little night vision. My concentration was gone and my memory foggy. The pain was exhausting me; I slept on average of 18-20 hours a day!

I was taking A LOT of medication and the doctors’ recommendations are always MORE drugs. The list of ailments really does go on and on, but I won’t, I’m putting that behind me now thanks to Green Smoothie Girl!

If you take ONE thing from Green Smoothie Girl it must be green  smoothies—your daily intake of so many nutrients, enzymes, & more, replacing other less nutritious food you may have eaten before, like a bagel & cream cheese, a muffin, a crummy store-bought cereal bar, etc.

My second takeaway from Green Smoothie Girl was to be more AWARE of what we put into our bodies. First thing to GO was packaged noodles, packaged rice, packaged sauces, white flour, white sugar, white breads. There are so many other options; home-made bread, wraps, buns etc.

Our foods have never tasted so fresh & so delicious! With only those couple of pretty major changes my body is happier than ever in only 1 month! I can’t wait to see what is yet to come!

I no longer take ANY medication and my bowels work all on their own. Not what we want to talk about but most gastro intestinal specialists will tell you it is normal for about 70%–WOW!– to have some sort of bowel issue. The medical doctors think this is NORMAL?

My energy level is through the roof, the pain I feel is “good pain” from the exercise I’m getting doing jobs left long-overdue: cleaning every inch of my home, my windows, painting jobs, cleaning up & digging up my gardens. I am truly enjoying every moment with my family & getting back out into the world with friends (my social life was gone). I’m strolling the Mall & creating wonderful foods to care for my family as I should have been always.

What “Green Smoothie Girl” really is all about is just getting back to our roots, what we know and don’t do. It doesn’t take up much of your day to just make smarter choices. It takes just as long to make a nutritious meal as it does to make a crummy one.

As I’m sure it was Green Smoothie Girl’s intention…it is my intention that if I can help just one person feel like I do, WOW! Thank you Green Smoothie Girl…every day is a new day of health & happiness. Nnot only for me but for my incredible family also, as they have all jumped on board one day at a time. They each come in at different times throughout the day & the first thing they do is grab the smoothie jug in the fridge & pour themselves a great big cup of nutrition. Thanks to YOU!

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