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My Friend John’s Amazing Recovery

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | May 20, 2014


John and Cheryl Thackeray

My favorite things to share are just a few of the miraculous stories I hear on a regular basis at GreenSmoothieGirl.com. When people begin to learn about, and then practice, a disease preventative lifestyle.

You know I love the Swiss Mountain Clinic (formerly Paracelsus al Ronc) in Southern Switzerland. I was studying holistic cancer treatment, worldwide, when I discovered this clinic. I had no idea I would make lifelong friends and find a place I would want to return to every year for the rest of my life! It’s the world’s best-kept secret in holistic health!

Right now Coach Madeline is leading a group of GSG readers on a 10-day liver detox over there. In August, I take many of the GSG coaches, and a few holistic practitioner friends of mine. Although we don’t have another trip planned just yet, you can arrange your own trip there for the negotiated GSG rate. (Keep in mind I take $0 from this clinic for referring my readers there, and I never will. I will only recommend what I think will be beneficial to you, based on my worldwide research.)

John and Cheryl Thackeray were with us last Fall, and I now consider them dear friends. Cheryl and her long-time GSG reader sister-in-law, Ciel, are going back to Swiss Mountain Clinic this year for more treatment. John is a very successful real estate developer in So Cal and Utah, and he is so good and kind that when he saw I was speaking in a city in another state where he owns a hotel, he put us up there. I love how he keeps in touch, and he shared his story with me. His story reminds me of our discussion on the blog, of late, about the ineffectiveness of drugs as an approach to health. Eating chemicals can suppress symptoms at times, but they will never make us healthy.

food paracelcus

Healing foods served at Paracelsus al Ronc

At the Swiss Mountain Clinic, the Thackerays, with the rest of us, participated in a cleansing diet as well as many therapies and treatment modalities supervised by competent medical personnel, to remove toxic residues in various parts of the body, and rehabilitate critical immune functions.

John is only 6 months into a healing journey, but he is excited about the results so far!

He went to the clinic with the GSG crowd having no idea what to expect. He’d been to my lecture, and his sister-in-law was a long-time GSG reader. He has had an amazing career, with a wonderful, loving family of 3 children and lots of grandchildren. But health, energy, and a good diet had been failing, the only goals in his otherwise amazing life that was lacking. John is in his 60s, and has the means to enjoy a spectacular retirement. Wouldn’t it be tragic if poor health derailed the great good he can do in the world for the next 30 years?

Ten years ago, John had open-heart surgery for a valve repair, and docs consequently put him on statin and blood pressure drugs. The side effects of statins are rising blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes (probably also contributed to by an inferior diet). So for that, they prescribed Metformin.  He found it difficult to lose weight, especially belly fat. Since his detox in Switzerland, John has in the past 6 months gotten thinner than he’s been in 20 years! He got off his meds and fired his Las Vegas doctor when he told John he was stupid for getting off the drugs. Now that he is off the drugs, he sees a reversal in both conditions: cholesterol and triglycerides are “better than ever,” sugars are down to normal levels, and blood pressure is less than 120/80. He reports, “There are only positive results since I gave up the prescription drugs.” His internal medicine doc was thrilled with the results and more open to look at lifestyle changes, rather than just chemical meds.

Cheryl has liver issues that she takes medications for that are now harming her kidneys. What if there’s another way? I don’t diagnose, treat, or prescribe–and never will. I do, however, love to share my story of being once overweight and very unwell, and now being fit and healthy. And how I did it, returning to whole foods that led to my family’s wholeness. And I love to share yours, too. Send them with photos and details anytime to support123@greensmoothiegirl.com. Thank you for sharing, John! I love the ways you’re learning and growing and discovering the power in holistic treatments that reduce toxic load and help rebuild and support the body’s phenomenal immune function.

The photo at the top is from Nov, 2013, a little sightseeing trip near the clinic, to Lake Como (home of actor George Clooney!).


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