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I don’t sell any skincare products—but virtually all the skincare products you can buy in a drugstore or even high-end makeup lines have dozens of toxins in them. Anything you put on your skin is used by the body the same way what you eat is. That is, it goes right into the bloodstream. Fragrances are particularly harmful, as a recent study showed that the average fragrance has 14 chemicals in it that weren’t disclosed on the ingredient list.

I love the Zen Society hydrating rosewater mist! I have it next to my desk, since I spend so much time here. It’s a beautiful pick-me-up, absorbs oils, hydrates against air conditioning, sun/wind, and travel; sets makeup (I don’t wear it but that’s a benefit, if you do) to look dewy; and balances skin pH. I also love their Elderberry Toner, alcohol-free, made from witch hazel, a natural astringent, as well as lavender water and elderberry, which are anti-aging, firming and toning.

The first three to write us,, with your address, get both products free. Their website is (and “like” them on facebook).

Zen Society is founded by GreenSmoothieGirl reader Kaitlyn, a master herbologist. Her line is 100% Natural, made in Connecticut with Certified Organic ingredients, plant botanicals, and fruit extracts.

The products are gluten free, Vegan, and 100% pure (Preservative-Free).

Kaitlyn locally sources many of her fresh ingredients and donates a percent of every sale to Friends of the Earth. Her products appeal to people with sensitive skin or for those who want a line that is safe for the whole family. To an Herbalist, 100% Natural means no fragrances, no preservatives, and no chemicals. The products smell like the oils and extracts that they are made of, not a synthetic fragrance.

Zen Society formulas are based on Ayurveda teachings that beauty comes from simplicity and one should not not put anything on our skin that we couldn’t eat. That is why all of their formulas are safe, simple and pure.

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  1. I’m use hydrating rosewater spray after I remove the acne by a vacuum extractor. This gives an excellent effect! The first step is to clean the face with foam and water. The second step is to make a bath for the face. The third step is to use a special device for vacuum removal of blackheads The fifth step is to use the spray! It’s great! My skin is clean and moist! Thanks for the spray!

  2. It’s great to hear that there are products out there that we can use that don’t poison us in the process. That being said, what kind of makeup would you recommend?

  3. Do you already have your three winners? I will take it if it’s available!! I also have a question for you. . . do you do any kind of camping? How do you prepare for a 3-5 day campout not using traditional “camping” foods but good healthy foods? Would also love suggestions for yummy food to cook over the campfire. Let me know if you have any ideas. My husband and I have two young kids 3 and 2 and we love to camp but want to change habits as far as what we eat while camping out.

    1. Carly, I love to camp, and we take frozen green smoothies in a cooler, vegetable juices, and roast vegetables in tin foil in the fire!

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