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First 3 to write us get a Yantra Mat, free!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jun 17, 2014

Want your own acupressure treatment in your home? I bet you’ve always wanted to lie on a bed of nails, right? Muahahaha. Hear me out on this.

Introducing the Yantra Mat. I had the company send me one to try out. They claim that 20 minutes a day lying on it achieves the following benefits:

*Get a great night’s sleep

*Relieve stress

*Soothe back problems

*Increase your energy

They say it seems to stimulate metabolism, and accomplishes a “remarkable improvement in your sense of well being” and “may even induce the release of endorphins and oxytocin, the body’s own pain-relieving and happiness hormones.”

(My first treatment, I could stand only TWO minutes—you can use a shirt laid over the mat to acclimate to it. That’s because I put it on my hard living room floor. The next day, I put it on my Intellibed, and I lay on it comfortably for a long time.)

You may wonder, using it, if it’s doing anything good, or just mildly torturing you. Fact is, acupressure and acupuncture are thousands of years old and a very effective pain reliever. The Yantra Mat has 8,820 effective acupressure points. Lying on it before bed (the time they recommended I use it) may also relieve pain and help you sleep.

Don’t write us wanting a mat unless you’re brave enough to try something out of the ordinary! We don’t want to send this acupressure treatment device to someone who won’t use it!

I did notice my energy increase, during the day. I’m always willing to suffer a little, for my health. I’m rolling my mat up and keeping it in my bed to lie on in the morning before I get up. The best idea is to meditate while lying on the mat. The company says: Allow your thoughts to float by. Do not let your thoughts take hold; let them vanish.

The first three to write us at support123@greensmoothiegirl.com with your name, hometown, and address for shipping, get a free Yantra Mat! Continental U.S. only. The FIRST one also gets a KIT, check it out HERE. If you don’t win one, buy it on that link and let us know how you like it! (I am not an affiliate and make $0 sharing this with you.)

Only the winners will be notified, due to volume of responses. Watch this blog for an announcement of the winners!


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9 thoughts on “First 3 to write us get a Yantra Mat, free!”

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  1. Maria says:

    I would love to try the mat! I have enjoyed acupuncture in the past and do it yourself acupressure may work.

  2. Katy Rumill says:

    I definitely would LOVE to have this!

  3. laura says:

    This looks so very encouraging. I have horrible knots in my lower back and gluts. I cant get acupuncture treatments daily but with this I could maybe get some relief! Thank for sharing.

  4. I am trying to find something that helps with muscle aches and arthritis pain. I will try it!

  5. Dan DuPey says:

    I have followed the wheat controversy for a few years now. I have stopped eating most wheat. Not only because of the gluten, but I have been told that it is mostly bad because of the PHYTIC ACID in it. Phytic acid pulls minerals from your bones supposedly unless the wheat is fermented like sourdough. Do you agree or have any recent studies on this.?

  6. Casie says:

    Who won??

  7. dianna muse says:

    Hi! I know I missed outbutpleasedokeep us up-to-date on the effects, ok?

  8. Ape says:

    Okay, Robyn, just gotta know. What color did you choose for yourself? Green? “Muahahaha”, yourself… 😉 and, are you highly satisfied with the product, still?

  9. Elfriede Valenta says:

    Dear Robin,I am Heinzis Mother ,I live in Montreal QC Canada and visited my son just a view weeks bevor his dead.I would have liked to
    stay with Him but he refused.So I wet with a very heave heart back home .I live in a Senioren Retreat I am handicapt by not being able to
    walk without a cane.I was reading what you have been writing about my son.I ThankYou very much for this.I gave birth to three sons and
    loved them very much,I still can not believe that I lost one of them.My heart still hurts very much.I do not know if you would be interrested
    to answer me.I would love to hear from you.
    Sincerely Elfi Valenta Apt.605 230 Hymus Blvd.POINTE CLAIRE QC Canada H9R 5P5elfiaufschi@

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