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Firestarters in the journey

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Oct 28, 2012

I teach in 50 cities annually. After my lecture, I talk to people one-on-one for 90 minutes, to sign books and answer questions.

This is the first thing they say to me, almost always:
“I’m here because my [brother, hairdresser, college roommate, next-door neighbor] introduced me to you.”
Isn’t it interesting that after standing in line for an hour, sometimes two, the very FIRST thing someone wants to tell me is who the person is they thank for starting them on what they intuitively recognize as a JOURNEY? We’re all on a journey. Picture an actual path. You’re on it. I’m on it. A lot of people you know aren’t even on it yet. It’s a lifestyle shift, and it has to happen to regenerate health. The Atkins Diet won’t do it. Weight Watchers won’t do it. A return to wholeness has to include a return to whole foods.Let’s call the person who introduced you to GSG, or a whole-foods journey, your personal Firestarter.Sometimes the Firestarter is with the person attending my class. Beaming. Because it’s rewarding to get the credit as the person who puts someone on a path to health and wholeness.I always thank and congratulate the Firestarter, if I get to meet him or her.

Sometimes Firestarter is not there. Might even live in a different state or even country. Sometimes introducing a friend to whole foods living is a simple as an email saying, “You should check out this site—you’ll love it.”And the new GSG reader is born and takes it from there. They sign up for the free newsletter. They might become a blog reader, read one of my books, participate in the group buy in the Fall, or dive in with 12 Steps to Whole Foods, which is the game-changer around here.By the way, you know who the #1 group of Firestarters are? The Costco Blendtec demo employees. I don’t know any of them personally. But they send tons of people to the site. Some of them have GreenSmoothieGirl.com printed on their business cards. Some of them write GreenSmoothieGirl.com on the box when people check out at Costco.Why? They’ve told me why, when I stop by and say hi if I’m shopping at Costco. It’s because then people don’t return their blender. They learn that it is actually a powerful tool for turning their health around. It’s not just an expensive milkshake maker.
The commonality in this experience I’ve had hundreds of times, meeting people who attend my class and hearing who introduced them to me, is that we never forget the person who taught us something life-changing.
I will never forget my grandmother, whose example I watched when I was 15, swimming upstream to opt out of oncology treatments and buy a Champion juicer and go to work starving her cancer out from the roots.She was doing it to save her life. Not to save mine, or my son’s, 20 years later. But I was watching and learning. She wasn’t a warm or nurturing person, my grandmother—she was steely and distant. Raised in the Depression without a mother. I still loved her, and she still changed my life. Turns out, you don’t have to be perfect to inspire others.
I will never forget my neighbor Brenda Corbridge, who was diagnosed in her late 30’s with colon cancer. And did wheat grass juice and a mostly-raw diet rather than undergo chemo and radiation, after losing her sister at a young age to cancer.
Brenda told me to go see a practitioner way outside the medical model, named Paul Leatham. He was the biggest Firestarter of all, for me.He shocked me by saying he didn’t give a #$&! what my son’s diagnosis was—he just wanted to “drain the swamp.” He taught me to stop the mucous production and inflammation and spasms in my son’s lungs. In a different way than with pharmaceuticals.
Later Brenda and I took turns making wheat grass in her garage, 2 oz. a day for each of us, while I was pregnant with my third child. It was wintertime and very cold, and the smell of the wheatgrass made me gag. It was banished to the garage because Brenda’s husband complained he didn’t like the smell of it in the house.
Paul Leatham taught me to eat alkaline, living, plant foods. Sixty to 80 percent raw. Abandon highly acidic meat, dairy, white flour, sugar. In so doing, we disappeared all symptoms of my little boy’s asthma. We got his life back, and I got my health back in the process, too.
I will never forget Gwen Lund, who provided my family raw goat milk for 10 years. She taught me about yogurt—years later, I’d learn how to make kefir. (Even better, made with raw milk rather than scalded, and easier to make.) My children stopped getting sick with that step, which I teach, along with lots of other probiotic-food ideas, in Step 8 of 12 Steps.Gwen did little sourdough bread classes in her home, free of charge, and fed her nine children whole foods.
I will never forget a neighbor, Charlene Stott, another mom of a big family living on a tight budget, who went 100% raw for 5 years. Her front yard was filled with fruit trees and her backyard had a big homemade greenhouse. She was a self-taught herbalist and made an amazing concoction she calls “Anti-Plague” that astonished me with how fast and effectively it knocked out viruses and bacterial infections. Garlic, raw apple cider vinegar, and 8 immune-stimulating herbs.
I love these women. And Paul Leatham. Paul died after a motorcycle accident two years ago, and I rarely see any of those women anymore. But they will forever be titans in my memory and in my journey. My personal Firestarters.
You have this power in the lives of people you introduce to the lifestyle you’re living, or even beginning to learn.
Think about this:
People who love you are suffering with all kinds of unnecessary health problems.
Before there were refined foods and chemical additives and a 20% animal protein habit, there was virtually no cancer or heart disease.

I love that I have a career in introducing people to simple but revolutionary concepts that are nothing less than life-changing.

You have that opportunity, too. Be the change. Introduce others to the magic of a diet rich in nutrient-dense foods.
Remember, most people don’t know what nutrient-dense is. They are obsessed with protein. They’re completely exhausted by all the food cults that compete for their attention. They have no idea that the way they’re eating is all wrong—or at least mostly wrong.
You will enjoy the path to wholeness better if you bring a few friends along.
Make it simple for them.
Good nutrition is simple. We don’t have to obsess about calories or macronutrient breakdown.
We just eat greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.
We find easy, low-effort, delicious ways to do that. We root the lifestyle in habits.
Thank you for your role, as a green smoothie girl or guy, in bringing awareness to our grass-roots campaign, to re-educate the Western world about where health comes from and how you get there.

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10 thoughts on “Firestarters in the journey”

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  1. cindy says:

    Robyn–do you know some or all of the herbs used in the “anti-plague” concoction? I’d be interested in having that info, to duplicate in my home. Thanks!!! Cindy

  2. Robyn says:

    Cindy, leaving on a speaking tour, but i think I listed those 8 herbs somewhere on this blog once so search on “anti-plague.” Dr. Christopher’s formula that Charlene copied.

  3. cindy says:

    thank you! I didn’t find the ingredients on the site, but did google, and found a link to the recipe. For any other GSG readers, here’s what I found:


    Thanks….I’m looking forward to having this remedy on hand!

  4. Jackie says:

    I am my own fire starter here. I don’t have the time to type what I want to since my son is waking up as I type but I wanted to say that I have made this a competition with a close friend of mine. We are both over weight and wanting to lose. She chose the supplement route and claims it has everything your body needs (vitamins, minerals etc.) and she feels great blah blah blah. The supplement is very expensive at $100 month for one person. She keeps trying to talk me into buying it and trying it. A few weeks ago I took the plunge and bought a high powered blender. I’ve wanted one for awhile now. I love this thing! I’ve always made almond milk, fruit and spinach smoothies for my son and I. But now I was ready to take smoothies to the next level. I searched youtube for recipes and found GSG. Now here I am one week into drinking a quart of green smoothies a day! I feel great, have tons of energy, and I *think* might have lost a few pounds. This is the way I’m choosing to get healthy and lose the weight. And in the process I hope to get rid of HBP, my sons eczema, and my digestive issue’s that have been blamed on thyroid disease.

  5. Eileen Hewitt says:

    Love this post Robyn! Very well said!

  6. heidi says:

    Definitely firestarter!!! Even did a class at church to introduce them to 40+women and the one that was the loudest naysayer( were only 2) came up to me 3 days later saying it changed her life! Everyone that will listen gets to hear about it. I Even bought black cups and lids for the people nervous about drinking something green. I’ve probably showed 100 people and only 2 said they didn’t like the taste. Thanks Robyn and thanks for being so accessible with the blog and free classes. You are truly changing lives. Before you- I would eat maybe 5 servings of veges a year! Now 15 a day! Lots more energy- loss of brain fog and sugar cravings and If i skip for couple days- it all comes back. Plus….. no more miralax! Been on every laxative for 20 years and now- nothing! Feels good to feel normal!

  7. cindy says:

    Robyn, one more question along a similar line of the “anti-plague” you mentioned. On your site, under “antibiotic alternatives”, you talk about ACS and ACZ. At the end you said regarding bio-films that “I am currently in a program I’ve designed to starve mine out.”

    I think bio-films may be involved in my chronic illness. Would you mind sharing what your program is?

    I agree with Heidi…thanks for being so accessible. Your tools are invaluable in my journey to becoming healthy!

  8. I loved reading this post! In fact we have 2 of the same fire starters! I met Paul leatham 5.5 yrs ago after I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He taught me one of the most important lessons. You can either kill off what’s in there or stop feeding what’s causing it to be there. I love Gwen Lund. She was my husbands next door neighbor for his whole childhood. After nursing my first child for 15 months I put her on Gwens raw goat milk. Then after my second child was done nursing, I had moved to St george. I would get a months worth of goat milk from Gwen, freeze it and travel back to at george with it in a cooler, to feed my baby. It was 6 months after recovering from cancer that u friend RuLea Taggart invited me to YOUR green smoothie class over 5 yrs ago. I left with the entire 12 steps course! It has enhanced my life for the better! Thank you! Now I get the amazing opportunity to be a GSGlife instructor and share 12 steps with others! God is so good! He has taught me so much from so many amazing people! Tomorrow I finish 26 days on level 2 of the GSG detox! I feel incredible! I’ve lost 11 lbs. but most important, I feel like I’ve given myself the greatest gift possible! Thank you Robyn! I truly love you! ❤️

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