Final BlendAid Post!

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Hi everyone, Lindsey Kasarsky of Minnesota won $200 in loot. Check out my favorites: our 12 Steps to Whole Foods course, bestselling Ultimate Minerals, Superfoods drink mixes, and our  raw, organic, vegan protein powder.

Todd and I had so much fun doing this campaign. I loved working with other bloggers, our sponsors who have amazing healthy products, and just challenging ourselves to do better. I hope you found some inspiration, and had some fun with us, and won a prize.

I love you and will continue 3 times a week sharing great content on the blog to help you on the never-ending journey to wellness. I love your comments and support! XOXO

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  1. Congratulations to both Robyn and Todd, raising money for Mothers Without Borders and losing 15 lbs. Wish I didn’t have to miss your last couple days but was glad I was able to view your last video.

  2. Thank You Robyn and Todd for this Great Journey!!!! It was very inspiring! I would be interested to hear your tips of what you each supplemented with to make it to the end and why, to further my knowledge on green smoothie and whole foods wisdom.

  3. Thanks Robyn and staff! Really appreciate all the good information you shared. I’m looking forward to implementing green smoothies in our house on a regular basis now, and am (again) so grateful for the recipe book you sent out to everyone who registered for the campaign. You have been an inspiration!

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