Greensmoothiegirl's Annual Water Ionizer Group Buy

GreenSmoothieGirl's exclusive GROUP BUY with LIFE Ionizer means that our readers get prices and freebies unavailable anywhere else! Watch the webclass and choose the system that best fits your needs for delivering alkaline water right into your kitchen--at the best value.


  • Wholesale price (up to $1,500 off!)
  • LIFETIME warranty on parts and labor on models M9 and above
  • Chlorine-removing showerhead filter ($39 value)
  • How to Eat Right In the Real World by Robyn Openshaw (GreenSmoothieGirl)
  • Life Ionizer book on how to use alkaline and acid water for a healthy lifestyle


  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty on parts and labor for high end LIFE Ionizers
  • Industry Leading Certifications
  • Physicians Desktop Reference
  • In business since 1996
  • Excellent customer support

Models (details)

Color Choice: all models are available in:

  • Black with a charcoal face -or-
  • Silver with a black face


  • LIFE M13C Next Generation – Reg. $3497. $2248
  • LIFE M11C Next Generation – Reg. $2997. $1948
  • LIFE M9C Next Generation – Reg. $2597. $1698
  • LIFE M7C Next Generation – Reg. $1997. $1448
  • LIFE M5C Next Generation – Reg. $1497. $997


  • LIFE M13UC Next Generation – Reg. $3997. $2498
  • LIFE M11UC Next Generation – Reg. $3497. $2248
  • LIFE M9UC Next Generation – Reg. $2997. $1998
  • LIFE M7UC Next Generation – Reg. $2497. $1748


  • LIFE Super Pre-Filter Set – $189.97
    LIFE Ionizer will determine if this is necessary for your system.


  • LIFE Grid Technology™ – Increase the antioxidant power and pH of alkaline water by as much as 15% – $100
  • UV Light Technology™ (patent pending) – EPA approved protection from bacteria, viruses, and parasitic cysts – Reg. $150. $100
  • Next Generation (EFT) Energy Frequency Technology™ – Adds 205 positive frequencies. – Reg. $150. $100
  • NEW! LAZER Energy Technology™ – Bio-resonant laser technology used to erase negative frequencies from water and reprogram it with healing frequencies – Reg. $300. $200

  • Available in silver or black. All models have a black face.

  • **Delivery will require a signature.** Sorry, we can't ship to PO Boxes

    LIFE Ionizers will call you to confirm your order and collect payment.
  • Add a question here, or contact LIFE Ionizers: or 877-494-6170.
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Please note:

You are purchasing this ionizer directly though LIFE Ionizers, and not GreenSmoothieGirl – dealer pricing and exclusive free incentives have been extended to you, but all transactions and shipping will be handled by LIFE Ionizers.

This is a secure page through which to place an order and ask questions. If, however, you prefer to place your order by phone, please call Thai Cabados with LIFE Ionizers at 877-494-6170.

Shipping and Tax

Shipping will vary from $20 to $60 depending on customer location.

Shipping will take 10-14 business days.

Sales tax will apply to CA residents only.


Return Policy

Normally, LIFE does not provide a return policy when equipment is purchased at wholesale or under full retail price. For GSG customers only, LIFE is providing a 30-day return policy with a 15% restocking fee plus shipping.


LIFE handles all warranty and servicing. Warranties for each model can be found at the LIFE Ionizer website. The lifetime parts and labor warranty is for models M9 and above.

Water Analysis

LIFE will customize your ionizer for your local water quality. They will analyze your local water quality and then custom calibrate the ionizer's settings. They are the only company that provides this service. The ionizer can be re-calibrated for free if the customer moves and the water quality requires it.

Ongoing Costs

There are two filters in the ionizer. The first filter lasts through 1,000 gallons and the second filter lasts thru 2,000 gallons. For most households, the filters will need to be replaced about once a year. They are $49.97 each.


The installation is not difficult. Many customers install their own systems, however you are more than welcome to hire someone to install it for you. A plumber is not necessary. LIFE will provide an installation video and instruction manual with the unit. You may watch the installation video now, if you'd like. The manual can also be downloaded on that page. LIFE has live technicians to assist you over the phone.

The dimensions of the ionizers are H:16" x W:12" x D:6"

The under-counter ionizers come with a faucet that should be installed as a second faucet next to your kitchen faucet. It will require a 1.25" – 1.5" hole in your sink. If you have a larger hole LIFE can provide you with an adapter if you request it. If you have an existing fixture (soap dispenser, hot water dispenser, sprayer, etc.) you may be able to remove this and use the hole for the ionizer faucet.

LIFE Ionizer-specific questions with answers can be found at their website, including installation, size, UV filtration, etc.

For Canadian Customers

For Canadian billing or shipping address, please contact Thai Cabados with LIFE Ionizers at 877-494-6170 or

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