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Robyn tells you all about why alkaline water can make a very positive impact on your health.

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Why is a Water Ionizer an Important Investment in Your Health?

Water is getting a lot of attention these days. Not only is most of the planet's water polluted and acidic, but we need half our weight in ounces for optimal health. After all, your body is 70% water, and your brain is 80% water! So it makes sense we need lots of water to flush and detoxify.

Most Americans have such weak thirst signals, that we mistake thirst for hunger, and consequently overeat. Being dehydrated is the #1 reason for low energy in the afternoon.

At first, it seemed less-than-natural to me to go through the process of purifying water, running it through a remineralizer, and then running it through an ionizer to increase the pH level of the water.

But it’s an unnatural world we live in. Municipalities add toxic chlorine, chloramines, and fluoride to the water. Acids bombard us constantly, from the pollution in the air, to medications we take, to stressful environments and EMF’s from our electronics---to the highly acidic soda, sugar, coffee, and processed foods we eat.

Fastest Way To Reverse Acidosis

Acidosis, a chronic low pH level, is the very basis of why we have disease. The blood will always maintain its pH, within a very narrow range, or we die. So it robs minerals of cells, tissues, and other organs to maintain that blood balance. Turning around our health must involve a shift to eating lots of alkaline foods---like greens and herbs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes.

But the easiest and fastest way to shift the pH of the body to a more alkaline state is to DRINK ALKALINE WATER. Natural spring water with a lot of clean, organic matter in it is slightly alkaline, but almost no one is fortunate to have access to it.

Otto Warburg earned a Nobel Prize for his discovery that cancer cannot live in an oxygenated, alkaline state. Tony Robbins teaches an alkaline diet and lifestyle to his followers as the basis of wellness. pH balance is discussed too seldom among lay people and practitioners alike, but luckily, there are simple things you can do to shift your inner terrain to be more alkaline and therefore more healthy!

I’ve had a water ionizer installed under my sink since 2008! I researched the subject thoroughly, and in the WEBCLASS you can watch, I tell you all about why this is one of the very best investments in your health you can make. You’ll learn a lot in the webclass about WHY to drink alkaline water, and why water loses its pH over the course of hours, so having one installed at your own kitchen sink is a must.

I'd also love to send you a no-cost eGuide on how the acidic water you're drinking may be stalling your weight loss--and how you can kick-start it again with alkaline water!

Life Ionizer has been in business since 1996. Let me share with you why I chose them over all the others I researched:

  1. They’re the only company that custom calibrates your machine to your municipal water report.
  2. Units install under the sink to save counter space and avoid ugly hoses to your faucet. At the touch of a button, your faucet dispenses alkaline water.
  3. I bought mine retail price in 2008, but with our buying power, GreenSmoothieGirl now arranges a group buy to get YOU a wholesale price available NOWHERE ELSE. Once a year, we also get you some great freebies from Life Ionizer.

When you drink ionized water, you don’t have that “sloshing” feeling, because you absorb the water so much more quickly and efficiently. Faster hydration helps circulation and regulates body temperature. Until I had my water ionizer, I had cold hands and feet all winter---that symptom disappeared and never returned! Ionized water also gives you huge quantities of antioxidants daily, detoxifies and oxygenates the body, and helps you absorb minerals from the water.

Learn more by watching the webclass, and grab the eGuide I have for you on losing weight with alkaline water!

Water Ionizer Models



  • 5 Max Coat Grid or Flat Plates
  • 5.5-10 pH & -500 ORP
  • Up to 250 Watts
  • 7 years parts and labor


  • 7 Max Coat Grid or Flat Plates
  • 3.0–11.0 pH & -700 ORP
  • Up to 450 Watts of Power
  • Lifetime Parts/10 Yr Labor


  • for families of 2–4
  • 9 Max Coat Grid or Flat Plates
  • 2.5–11.5 pH & -800 ORP
  • Up to 500 Watts of Power
  • 30% stronger properties than the M7
  • Full Parts/Labor Lifetime Warranty


  • for families of 4-6
  • 11 Max Coat Grid or Flat Plates
  • 2.0–12.0 pH & -880 ORP
  • Up to 800 Watts of Power
  • 20% stronger properties than the M9
  • Full Parts/Labor Lifetime Warranty



  • for families of 4-6
  • 11 Max Coat Grid or Flat Plates
  • 2.0–12.0 pH & -880 ORP
  • Up to 800 Watts of Power
  • 20% stronger properties than the M9
  • Full Parts/Labor Lifetime Warranty

Every Next Generation Model Includes:

  • Convertible option: counter-top or under-counter
  • 8 levels: 4 alkaline, 3 acidic, 1 purify
  • Large multicolor LCD display
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Voice prompts
  • Built-in pH indicator
  • Digital filter life display
  • Digital flow rate control
  • SMPS energy efficient power conversion in water ionizers produces better quality water and extends system life
  • Adjustable amperage for the perfect pH
  • Advanced RADC automatic cleaning system
  • Available in black with a charcoal face and silver with a black face

Under-counter models include a sink-mount faucet which controls the ionizer.


LIFE Grid Plates Technology®

The method used to ionize and alkalize water is electrolysis, the process of passing an electrical current through water. Electrolysis divides the water into two streams – one with alkaline minerals for drinking and the other with acidic minerals for sanitizing. LIFE Ionizers™ delivers an electrical current to the water through an array of positively and negatively charged Platinum coated Titanium plates. The more the water passes in and out of the Titanium grid system (Grid Plates) and the greater the electrical charge to the water (especially when powered by the newer SMPS power systems) – the higher the pH (potential of Hydrogen) and the ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) of the drinking water. This type of operation, boosts the pH and ORP of the water by 5% to 10%. The result is healthy alkaline drinking water with an abundance of negative ions that can neutralize active oxygen (free radicals).

Grid Plates

Combining the strength of Flat plates and the performance of Mesh plates - Grid plates were developed for use in heavy duty commercial water ionizers like the LIFE Ionizer CL-2000, which makes 8.4 gallons of alkaline water per minute because Grid plates are stronger and more durable than any other type of plate. LIFE Ionizers uses heavy duty Grid plates in all new LIFE Ionizers, plus they have MAX Coat platinum plating – 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium. Grid plates give you 10 – 15% higher pH and antioxidant ORP levels when compared to flat or hybrid plates. The improvement in pH and ORP given by Grid plates is similar to the improvement you get from MESH plates – but Grid plates are much stronger.

LIFE Ultraviolet (UV) Technology®

UV (ultraviolet) light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that can kill viruses and bacteria, providing an additional layer of protection for your water. Ultraviolet disinfection of water is a chemical-free process that utilizes radiation to inactivate microorganisms. The radiation destroys the genetic information contained in the DNA, so the bacteria lose their reproductive capability and are destroyed. Even parasites resistant to chemical disinfectants, such as Cryptosporidia or Giardia, are efficiently reduced by UV light.

Chemical free water purification – no harmful bi-products or chemicals added to your water.

Effectively helps sanitize water from bacteria, viruses, mold spores, fungi, cysts.

  • Perfect for well water users
  • UV radiation can be an effective viricide and bactericide
  • Disinfection using UV radiation is commonly used in wastewater treatment
  • Approved by the EPA for safe drinking water treatment
  • Safe for pets and children, no hazardous chemicals
  • Purification at water tap

Disinfecting drinking water

UV radiation can be an effective viricide and bactericide. Disinfection using UV radiation is commonly used in wastewater treatment applications and is finding an increased usage in drinking water treatment. Many bottlers of spring water use UV disinfection equipment to sterilize their water.

New York City has approved the construction of a 2 billion gallon per day ultraviolet drinking water disinfection facility. There are also several facilities under construction and several in operation that treat waste water with several stages of filters, hydrogen peroxide and UV light to bring the water up to drinking standards. One such facility exists in Orange County, California. NASA has examined the use of this technology, using titanium dioxide as catalyst, for breaking down harmful products in spacecraft waste water.

It used to be thought that UV disinfection was more effective for bacteria and viruses, which have more exposed genetic material, than for larger pathogens which have outer coatings or that form cyst states (e.g., Giardia) that shield their DNA from the UV light. However, it was recently discovered that ultraviolet radiation can be somewhat effective for treating the microorganism Cryptosporidium. The findings resulted in the use of UV radiation as a viable method to treat drinking water. Giardia in turn has been shown to be very susceptible to UV-C when the tests were based on infectivity rather than excystation. It has been found that protists are able to survive high UV-C doses but are sterilized at low doses.

LIFE Ionizers™ are the only ionizers available that offer UV Light Technology™. To ensure the maximum number of microorganisms are destroyed, we pass the water through a 9-stage filtration process before exposing it to UV light. This filtration removes large particles from the water, maximizing light transmittance through the water, increasing the UV dose, and ensuring that microorganisms are not shielded from the radiation. Filtration also ensures that the light source stays clear and strong. In fact, we guarantee our LIFE Ionizers™ with UV Light Technology™ will deliver UV light in doses high enough to effectively purify your water for five years.

LIFE Energy Frequency (EF) Technology™

LIFE Ionizers has always been first to offer many of the newest advancements in ionizer technology – and now we’ve done it again! LIFE Ionizers™ are the first to harness the power of the breakthrough science of “Quantum Biology.” Quantum Biology applies some of the cutting-edge scientific theories of quantum physics to biological systems.

Beyond Ions! Beyond pH! Beyond ORP!

Though LIFE Ionizers™ already offer the latest advancements in making Alkaline Water, virtually all water ionizers can make water more alkaline. Some do it better than others, but the difference with LIFE Ionizers is in the high quality of the components and some of our exclusive, more advanced technologies like Grid Plates, Ultraviolet and Vitamin C technologies. And now LIFE Ionizers™ is the first and only company to go far, far beyond that with the introduction of Electronic Frequency Technology!

Frequencies are LIFE™

All life is fundamentally energy vibrating at various frequencies. How your body converts energy frequencies into biological processes is not fully understood, but the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics are beginning to provide some answers. For example, studies have shown that “quantum tunneling” is involved in enzymatic reactions. It also appears that energies used for chemical transformations by the body are quantum mechanical in nature.

LIFE Ionizer’s™ proprietary Energy Frequency Technology™ is a trade-secret technology that “energizes” LIFE Organic Alkaline Water™ with 205 potentially health-building energetic frequencies using techniques derived from quantum physics. This means that your water is more than just purified and ionized—it’s energized!

Your blood has many electromagnetic properties that could be influenced by energy frequencies. For example, oxyhaemoglobin and deoxyhaemoglobin in blood has magnetic properties, and the ionic current created by the electrolytes in blood plasma could be using proteins to serve like “semi-conductors,” just like you find in electronic circuits.

Though modern quantum sciences are just beginning to explain some of these phenomena, way back in the 1920s Linus Pauling pointed out that at the heart of the covalent hydrogen bond is resonance, i.e., frequencies. In 1935 George Lakhovsky discovered that individual cells have two characteristics – capacitance and inductance – which are also elements of a radio receiver circuit. Robert Becker has shown that the shape and size of different cells is controlled by minute electric currents, which are in turn dictated by the electromagnetic field of the body. So this “new” science has actually been around for decades! LIFE Ionizers’™ Energy Frequency Technology™ was created by health care practitioners with over 30 years of experience in natural health utilizing energy frequencies. Now, drinking LIFE Organic Alkaline Water™ with EFT carries these potentially healthy electronic frequencies throughout your entire body. Many LIFE Ionizer™ users have reported balanced & vibrant energy, reduced fatigue and pain, better sleep and optimized performance.

NEW! LAZER Energy Technology

Bio-resonant Blue Laser Technology uses informational frequencies to erase negative frequencies and program it with healing frequencies. Boosting the energy content of water is believed to help counteract disorder and stress in the body. Energetic drain on a cellular level can lead to poor overall health.

Healing frequencies provided by bio-resonant laser technology help align the body’s subtle energetic systems, the means by which all cells communicate. When the body’s subtle energy fields are in balance, its internal healing mechanisms are activated.Health comes naturally to the body that is energetically balanced.


LIFE Super Pre-Filter Set

  • Effective for hard water
  • Two filters that remove; fluoride, lead, arsenic, heavy metals, hard water scale, chlorine, chloramines, fine sediment, VOC’s, Iron, nitrates, taste, odor, sand, silt, rust, inorganic compounds such has pesticides and herbicides, and much more!
  • Does not remove essential alkaline minerals
  • Filter life: 2,000 gallons or approximately 1 year
  • Continuous flow – no tank or water limit
  • Not needed if using an RO
  • Remineralizer not needed
  • For use with both counter-top and under-counter ionizers
  • Removes pharmaceuticals and chromium 6



  • Exclusive wholesale prices - Pay the same price dealers pay, saving hundreds! No sales tax outside California.
  • Lifetime Warranty backed by the oldest manufacturer and distributor of water ionizers - 20 years in business!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – Only for Green Smoothie Girl customers!
  • Free water report and analysis - LIFE Ionizer will evaluate your local water quality to make sure you have the right filters for your water quality.
  • Free custom filtration - Based on your free water quality evaluation, you will get the right filtration for your water - absolutely free.
  • Easy financing - You could pay less than you may be paying for bottled water right now!
  • Free 750 ML Reusable BPA-Free Thermal Bottle - Designed to keep your alkaline water fresh and potent 300% longer than other bottles!
  • Free 1-Year Membership to Alkaline -Free access to a members-only supportive community for personalized healthy eating and lifestyle choices.
  • Free Alkaline Lifestyle Home Study Course – Got a specific issue? 6 eBooks teach how to tailor your alkaline water use to achieve your goal.
  • Free 12-Month Video Guide for Alkaline Living - Learn how to live healthier, all year long!
  • PLUS my Big Book of Green Smoothies, FREE!


  • LIFE Grid Plates Technology™ – Increases the antioxidant power and pH of alkaline water by as much as 15%
  • UV Light Technology™ (patent pending) – EPA approved protection from bacteria, viruses, and parasitic cysts
  • Next Generation (EFT) Energy Frequency Technology™ – Adds 205 positive frequencies.
  • NEW! LAZER Energy Technology™ – Bio-resonant laser technology used to erase negative frequencies from water and reprogram it with healing frequencies.


  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty on parts and labor for high end LIFE Ionizers
  • Industry Leading Certifications
  • Physicians Desktop Reference
  • In business since 1996
  • Full technical staff for installation support

Ionizer FAQ's

Is there ever any possibility of a dangerous situation with the Ionizer such as malfunction. If so, what type? If it malfunctions can it explode or leak etc?

The LIFE Ionizer will automatically shut off if there is a malfunction. It only uses as much power as a large light bulb so it doesn’t really have the potential to be dangerous. The only time it would leak would be if the connections are not installed properly which you would know immediately. You are more than welcome to have one of our technicians walk you through the installation process over the phone.

Does this need to be installed by a plumber?

No, the installation process is pretty easy. We provide a DVD, installation manual, and live phone support to walk you through it. You can watch installation videos here

What is the return policy?

We do not normally offer returns on wholesale orders. However, through this Green Smoothie Girl promotion, we are offering a 30-day trial period. If you decide to return the unit, there will be a 15% restocking fee plus shipping.

Does it remove fluoride from tap water?

Yes, and that's just the beginning. The customized filtration sets the industry standard and are primed to and ready to tackle the harshest contaminants from any water source, that includes arsenic, lead, mercury, chlorine, and much more!

What is the water output? How long will it take to fill an 8 oz. glass?

The ionizer can fill an 8 oz. glass in just a few seconds. It takes about 2-3 minutes to fill 1 gallon. If you are using a reverse osmosis system with the ionizer then the flow rate takes about twice as long. Slower flow rate actually produces stronger properties in the water. The LIFE Ionizer has an electronic flow rate control which allows you to adjust the rate depending on your preference.

Can I use my 5 – stage reverse osmosis system with the ionizer or do I have to purchase yours?

You can use your existing RO with the LIFE Ionizer. The only thing extra you will need is the Remineralizer.

If I choose the LASER upgrade, do I need the EFT also?

No. The laser does everything the EFT does plus more.

When you purchase a LIFE Ionizer in the GSG Group Buy, you not only get the best deal possible, you're helping to support our mission through an affiliate compensation.  I work with and recommend only the companies and products that I use myself!

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and is not intended to substitute for the advice from your own physician or health care provider.