Expo West 2012……Fabio and I talk about whey protein, part 4 of 5

Fabio is one of the most famous male models of our generation. Now he sells whey protein powder. Everyone does! It’s a very high-margin product. Because profit is easy with it, it’s been falsely billed as a superfood.

I interviewed Fabio about this. Then I shared my thoughts about his claim that “all scientists agree that whey protein is the most nutritious food you can eat.”

I do agree that whey protein is probably the most nutritious food for baby cows. The best foods for humans are raw greens, vegetables, fruits, and sprouted or cooked legumes, non-hybridized whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

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4 thoughts on “Expo West 2012……Fabio and I talk about whey protein, part 4 of 5

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  1. Fabio’s product is extracted whey protein. Whey protein occurs naturally in all dairy products , including kefir, which is milk treated with bacterial cultures (like yogurt). Robyn promotes whole foods, and kefir is a whole food. Whey protein is a food extract, not a whole food

  2. Can you explain the difference in whey protein that he is talking about and the whey protein in kefir? (i tried posting this days ago, but it hasn’t shown up yet) Is it the same?

  3. Robyn, I’ve started making Rejuvelac this week after watching your You Tube video. We drink it in our daily green smoothies. Thanks!

    Sorry Fabio you’re great, but I’m listening to Robyn. She hasn’t failed me yet!

  4. Funny video…he does have great hair..lol. Ok, so I am now really confused! Can you explain to me the difference between the whey protein he is promoting, and the whey protein in kefir? Is it the same? If so, why do you promote drinking kefir, but not what he is selling.

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