Hey there! Ready to clean up “electrosmog” in your home?

Eliminating chaotic, radio frequencies is key to better sleep, improved mood, and more energy!

(And don’t forget, lower cancer and auto-immune disease risk.)

I’ve grouped the best ways to clean EMF up in your home, into solutions that are “free or very inexpensive” -- and those that require a bit more effort or spend.

(Plus some tips to travel with lower radiation exposure.)

Easy, Free, or Really Inexpensive


#1 easiest, most important thing!

Get 5 packs of xZubi (currently 40% off!). Simply stick the hologram made of paramagnetic materials to the back of EVERY cell phone, computer, and electronic device in your home!

(Highly effective, tested by the FCC, patented device protects against 84 to 100 percent of cellular damage to human cells from EMF.)


2. Unplug things you aren’t using. Outlets “leak” energies, and more so, if a charger or something else is plugged in).

3. Certain lightbulbs (CFL’s, the swirly lightbulbs that contain mercury) put out lots of EMF and emit 70% mercury into environment within first 3 days after installing.

4. Replace with Incandescent bulbs (around $15 for an 8-pack) instead.

LED’s (around $20 for an 8-pack) are the second best option, but test them with your EMF meter, because some brands are better than others.If you can’t have your cell phone off, put it on Airplane Mode, or put it 8 feet away from you.

5. Blue light impacts the pineal gland and affects melatonin production, which creates the balanced sleep cycles.

So your brain thinks it’s still day time, if you are exposing yourself to blue light. So shut off your TV after dark, or use gunnar or similar glasses (our pick is about $18 on Amazon) to filter blue light.

Other options: Go to Settings in your phone and use Night Shade, which filters blue light.

Or, try f.lux (it’s a free download) for your computer and your mobile devices--it makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

6. Ground yourself often by standing barefoot or lying down on Earth (grass or dirt). This discharges extra electrons and protons, and you pick up others needed to mop up free radicals. This helps you be restored to your optimal vibrational frequency.

7. Limit the metal on your body because it acts a conductor of EMF. Underwire in bras can have an antennae effect on your body’s electromagnetic fields, and metal jewelry is the same.

8. Get an inexpensive timer (around $10) for your Wi-Fi modem so it turns off at night.

A Bit More Effort and Money

9. Get a good EMF Meter, to see if you have EMF emitting from outlets, lightbulbs, devices, etc., so you know where you may need filters.

This $130 meter is our favorite for checking outlets.

And this is our favorite “trifield” option for $110 (it checks everywhere, not just outlets).

Tip: When you test your home for dirty electricity with an EMF meter, you want all areas to be under 50 units. Test near lightbulbs, outlets, appliances, meters, and devices.

10. Invest in some filters ($30 each, or less for packs) to significantly reduce the amount of “dirty electricity” leaking in your home or work.

(The average home needs about 20 filters. You can plug electronics in, even with a filter in it.)

(We like this company’s discounted packs for specific home sizes.)

11. Dimmer switches emit a lot of dirty electricity when they are set on low. Avoid dimmer switches, or keep them on high.

12. Find out if you have a SMART Meter installed by the power company, and if so, get a guard. This one gets the best reviews on Amazon and is priced reasonably at about $130.

These typically slip right over the meter itself, and help block the radiation emitted by the unit. In addition, it is often necessary to shield the interior wall behind the SMART meter with shielding paint, fabric, or another material.

Tip: It is important to use a meter to measure radiation levels before and after installing SMART meter guards and other shielding materials. This will help ensure that you’ve installed the materials correctly, that they are working, and that there are no unintended consequences.

If you have an analog meter, you don’t have a problem. You may be able to get your electric company to come remove a SMART Meter and replace it with an analog, by telling them you have health problems from it. (You may have to pay extra.)

13. Wi-Fi disorganizes photons in your body so your cells aren’t communicating properly. Short exposure may be necessary, but constant exposure puts you at high risk.

So put a timer on your Wi-Fi modem, keep it turned off on kids’ phones, and increase your data plan so you rarely need it. (T Mobile has inexpensive unlimited data plans.)

Fun fact: Bees will leave a hive if you bring Wi-Fi near it!

14. Wear leather soled shoes when possible, or try “Earth Runners.”

Earth Runners are grounded, minimalist sandals inspired by the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. These types of shoe soles “ground” you because EMF passes through the shoes into ground. (Rubber blocks electrical grounding.)

15. Wear a crystal Q-link pendant. They have an amazing effect in restoring your natural vibrational frequency, and you can choose a style that a man, woman, or child will like.

16. Get grounding pads or sheets for your bed, which helps put your chaotic frequencies into the ground, where they belong. (Make sure you filter your electrical outlets first! See #10 above.)


17. Take GreenSmoothieGirl Ultimate Minerals every morning and night to mop up free radicals and protect against cell damage, as radiation-protecting iodine and all minerals are represented.

You can get $5 off by using the coupon code FIVEOFF during checkout!

Important Notes

EMF’s are much more harmful to children than adults!

So be sure to test with your EMF meter in children’s bedrooms and classrooms.

Put a xZubi on their devices, turn Wi-Fi off (only airplane mode), and replace their CFL bulbs with incandescent bulbs.

If you are already dealing with a health issue--heavy metal toxic overload, or viral infection, or recovering from cancer, for instance--EMF overexposure can intensify and amplify other illnesses because the immune system is weakened.


Traveling Tips

Tip 1: You are exposed to more radiation while you fly in the daytime, less when you fly at night.

Iodine protects from EMF’s really well, and antioxidants in general are great for that.

So take GreenSmoothieGirl Ultimate Minerals when you travel, a double dose morning and night. It is concentrated fulvic and humic acids from the Earth, the full spectrum of all 90 minerals and trace minerals (including iodine) from ancient plant deposits, in their most bioavailable form.

Tip 2: Opt out of the scanners at the airport.

TSA does not want a baby going anywhere near the scanner. So why do they tell you that you are safe? (They told us X-Ray machines were safe, too, and we now know that’s not true.)

New published research shows that the radiofrequency output of the TSA scanners is significant. And it’s the cumulative effect that is the problem, not the single exposure.

So, tell the TSA agent you want to opt out--and they’ll give you a quick pat-down instead.

Tip 3:When you’re flying, take your shoes off in your seat, if you have rubber soled shoes. Then you will discharge EMF onto the floor. After you travel, when you get to your hotel, walk on the grass or dirt barefoot for 5 minutes to discharge!

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