Drinking his first green smoothie!

Theresa is a GSG reader whose husband Juan works for me. Juan and I did a trade last year: he fixed my vinyl fence that my boys put a dozen holes in with their baseballs. I gave him and his cousin BlendTecs for their wives. Theresa sent me this email and photo recently:

“Ezra (7 ½ months old) drank his first green smoothie (spinach, banana, apple, carrots, frozen mango). He had a very rough day and had not smiled all day. I blended some smoothie up for the rest of us and decided to feed him some on a spoon. This smile was the result. We love green smoothies!”

You’re a great mom, Theresa–and Ezra is ridiculously cute! I love these photos–they brighten my day and make me want to keep spreading my message.

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  1. Hey Robyn! I emailed a while back and didn’t hear back from anyone but I was wondering if y’all would be willing to do a layaway plan for a Blendtec? I want one really bad but can’t spend that much at one time. Could y’all do that? Glad your feeling better!

  2. Won’t it be wonderful when the day comes when all children this age are eating green smoothies! It will come if all of us take a lesson from Robyn and keep spreading the word on green smoothies and a whole foods lifestyle!

  3. adorable picture! Thanks for giving me a smile to start my day! Robyn, glad you are on the mend. Thanks for all you do and for this blog.

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