dramatic testimonial from “the happiest grama on the planet”

We get a lot of wonderful testimonials, both in person when I teach, and via email on the site. Few are as dramatic as this one we got from Mary Kay:

Since hearing about your website six months ago, I have been drinking a quart of green smoothies every day. People I meet now ask me, “How do you look so good, how do you stay so skinny, how do you have so much energy?” I tell them about your website and they either walk or run to get a blender and start the practice for themselves.

I have had a profound personal healing experience. I was STUCK in an abusive marriage and lost my will to live. Luckily, I had a compelling reason to get out and now I live on my own. I was emaciated (5’9? and weighed 120 lbs), had daily anxiety, my skin was wrinkly and I had no color in my cheeks. My eyes were dull and bloodshot. My hair was mousy and lifeless. I had no energy and no muscle tone. I was achy and stiff and VERY constipated.

Six months later, my skin is glowing, my hair is shiny and my nails grow super fast. I am emotionally stable again, and I dance and sing and laugh. I have a challenging job and ride my bike to work. I am at my ideal weight again (130), which is what I weighed in high school. My digestion is vastly improved and I guess I just glow. I was recently at a family reunion and my aunts and uncles and cousins raved about how good I look.

I attended your class recently in Sandy and found it very inspiring and fun.

I have a hard time making only a quart of smoothie. I usually end up with the whole blender jar full, so I jump on my bike and take it to share with my daughter and my grandbaby. A Vitamix blender jar fits perfectly in my backpack!

–The happiest Grandma on the planet thanks to you!

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  1. Mary Kaye is my sister and I can add my witness to her recovery! I am so thankful to God for his healing abilities, how He helps us through others, and I am grateful to Green Smoothie Girl for adding so much energy and vitality to my sweet sister’s life! Thank you, and God bless you!

  2. What a great story! I know my healthiness goes in cycles, and I can tell that after a few months of summer fun (read: hamburgers, sausages, extra alcoholic drinks) I’m soon going to be ready to get back to making and drinking healthy smoothies. I just don’t think there’s a way to get as much nutrition in your body as quickly and easily as with green, vitamin packed smoothies.

    Thanks for all the info you give on your site, it’s very helpful and motivational!

  3. Wow! That’s a wonderful story Mary Kay…thanks for sharing it with us! And God bless you in your healthy new future!!

  4. Wow, that’s a wonderful email! Congrats on getting your life back Mary Kay and for sharing your inspiring story!

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