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Dr. Punger’s foreword, part 2 of 2

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Feb 25, 2010

[continued from yesterday, Dr. Punger’s foreword to my 12 Steps to Whole Foods course]

The mystery of making tasty, healthy meals out of whole foods was unraveled. I needed all the information she posts on the web, but the organized, sequential course is essential. I wish I had it when I first found out I was food sensitive. In fact I wish I had this information before I began dealing with my sensitivities. Now, I grow my own herbs and sprouts. I use my dehydrator. I even make fermented vegetables. And it’s easy!

I finally lost weight without deprivation or hunger (and so did my two pre-teens!). In fact, I rarely feel hungry eating whole foods, now, when starting my day with a green smoothie. My skin is clear. Ankle swelling, which I tolerated (had no idea was food related) because I attributed it to aging, now disappeared. Headaches, which I thought were stress related, are rare. I focus on whole, plant-based foods as the 12 Steps course teaches, and that naturally pushes the refined sugars and flours and preservatives and chemicals out of my diet. I am not a slave to my food intolerances.

I have made virtually all the recipes from the videos. I use my BlendTec Total Blender several times a day for smoothies, puddings, sauces and dressings, and desserts. I can’t imagine being without it, as Robyn predicted would be the case.

In a broader sense, after years of medical school where nutrition is barely addressed, nutrition finally made sense to me! I don’t depend on food labels anymore. In fact, packaged foods are a minimal part of my diet now, and I feel better than ever.

I am excited about Robyn expanding the original 12 Steps course to include a journal, audio support, and video demos, and printed steps and recipes, because this will help me help my patients. I already refer my patients to GreenSmoothieGirl.com via my blog and handouts I give in my office, but now I can provide a comprehensive and practical tool to refer my patients to.

GreenSmoothieGirl is the nutrition plan I am recommending to my pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The program incorporates or supersedes any other previous nutrition recommendations I was making.

I find myself recommending green smoothies to many of my other patients to help control glucose and cholesterol levels, and to improve antioxidant levels, which decreases risk of cardiovascular disease and cancers. Anyone with digestive problems, I immediately teach them about nutrition so they see the relationship between what goes in their mouth, and their symptoms of ill health.

Since many of my patients are facing surgery and other procedures, incorporating green smoothies and whole foods into the pre-op plans optimizes nutrition to give them the highest probability of a smooth and easy procedure. I am recommending green smoothie plan to most anyone who is motivated and self responsible. My patients appreciate a nutritional approach first, before drugs or surgeries.

Many of my patients have started on the first step, which is to incorporate green smoothies into their diet. I am impressed by how the GSG nutrition program has influenced my practice. Many times the focus of my patients’ office visits are on staying well, rather than searching for disease. Through nutrition I can help prevent illness and often control burdensome symptoms.

GSG nutrition is compatible with both staying well and preventing disease. My young moms love green smoothies and whole foods through their pregnancies and breastfeeding years. And my own family has been tremendously blessed by my newfound education in nutrition. We are all enjoying the benefits of a much healthier diet!

Denise Punger, MD FAAFP IBCLC

Dr. Punger is a Family Physician and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. In private practice with her husband, John, Coquelet, in South Florida, she emphasizes prevention and wellness through breastfeeding and nutrition. She strives to set an example to her patients by following a high-raw, plant-based GreenSmoothieGirl diet.

She is the author of Permission to Mother: Going Beyond the Standard of Care to Nurture Our Children inspired by her three sons and extraordinary patients, to show all mothers that they have choices when it comes to their young children. She offers her blog as an extension of her services to further communicate with patients and readers nationwide: http://permissiontomother.com

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  1. Oh I love her blog. I always get jealous that she has mango and banana trees in her yard.

    That is one thing that I would do if I could change the world. I would have doctors do what she does with her patients.. recommending a change in diet before a medication. I am glad for the internet so that we can learn as much as we can, but it would be so nice if the medical field would offer some help too because I have so many friends and family that seek their doctor’s approval with everything. So many sicknesses, but maybe one doctor out of 50 will tell them to go off dairy or some other nutrition issue.

    Way to go Dr. Punger!

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