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Do all your husbands hate GSG?

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - May 20, 2013 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

GSG man

Mathew and his greensmoothie “beer”

Matthew texts me: Look, I’m drinking St. Patty’s Day Beer again!

[Robyn aside: Hmm. Genius. Tell your husband that his green smoothie is a St. Patrick’s Day beer.]

Me: Niiiiice!

Matthew: Does it ever crack you up that there are guys out there who used to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, who now hold their fist up in the morning and yell, “Curse you, green smoothie girl!”

Me: Yep. I meet them in 60 cities, USA, annually. More like, I meet their wives.

I think that secretly these guys, robbed of their bacon and eggs, like to make jokes about it, but they’re GLAD that they’re healthier because of you ladies who care about them enough to put a big jar of green in their hands. They like to play dumb about it, but they’re thankful. Most of them.

And it seems I always get one guy who tells me after class, “I’m the green
smoothie GUY around here, and I dragged HER here.”

I get a lot of women telling me stories about their husbands’ resistance to the new nutritional regimen, occasional outright sabotage. But I love to hear stories from women whose husbands are their PARTNERS in a shift to smarter nutrition. (Tip: get him to come to my class next time I’m in town, and get him to do his own reading, of The China Study, for example.)

Tip: if you want to make smoothies taste more like beer, learn how to make Rejuvelac or even better, kefir, from Step 8 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods. Make that the base of your green smoothie rather than water.

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4 thoughts on “Do all your husbands hate GSG?”

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  1. My husband readily admits that I’m the driving force of our healthy lifestyle and that he would be much less healthy if it were not for me. But he also says that he is very grateful for the way we have chosen to live…… especially on the days that he outworks employees half his age. 😉 He has become my biggest fan!

  2. Casey P. says:

    Um, yeah. He kinda does hate GSG. Last year when I was learning all this stuff I would quote you a lot. After a while I got tired of saying, “Green Smoothie Girl say this” so I just shortened it to “she”. I would start sentences all the time by saying “She says this”. At first he was like, who says this? After a couple times though he just learned who “she” was. Now he uses the Blendtec to make milkshakes and jokes that he’s going to start a blog called the White Smoothie Guy and see if it catches on. Lol.

    1. Jo says:

      Lol, I start many of my conversations the same way “Green Smoothie Girl says …” My husband has been making a few smoothies a week though and really enjoys them – more fruit than spinach but better than ice-cream which he otherwise would have!

  3. Amanda Olsen says:

    My husband loves green smoothies but he wouldn’t drink them at first. That is not until I drug him to a class and he heard it from Robyn. Then suddenly he was interested and said to me, “Why haven’t you been making me drink green smoothies?” I about fell off my chair. Now he’s the guy at work telling his friends to drink green smoothies and people come up to him all the time and ask him why he looks so good. 🙂 Green smoothies, no soda, more veggies, way less meat.

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