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Ditch 12 pounds, join the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox in January!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Dec 18, 2013

Let’s raise our vibration, post-holidays, with a highly effective “spring cleaning,” shall we?

Many of you participated in our first GreenSmoothieGirl Detox in August, and have been eagerly awaiting our next live event, starting Jan. 5.

Or you’ve heard about it and have been telling us you’re ready this time! All the science is explained, and every meal, recipe, and shopping list is laid out for you. You can get the 146- page manual only (the first 400 get a free Quick Start Guide), and do it on your own—-or, we highly recommend the Full Support option.

Check it all out HERE. Watch my 3-minute video explaining the program, and review some of the hundreds of testimonials we received. Participants told us about their weight loss—12-13 lbs. was the average in just 26 days! (And you have PLENTY to eat, no reason to be hungry!)

And so many reported decreased joint pain and inflammation; drops in blood pressure and cholesterol; as well as improved energy, mental clarity, and mood.

We’d love to have you join us. I revised the Detox Manual based on our August participants’ feedback. The 216-page Deluxe manual, for Full Support participants, now has full-color photos of every recipe, an expanded Q&A section, and everything you need to know about detoxifying safely.

We ship you the printed manual, as well as instantly emailing you the PDF. With the Full Support option comes much more, including your printed Quick Start Guide (to make shopping / meal planning a breeze), access to the Forum for all your questions, and a daily email with frequent videos or recorded and live calls.

The most common comments we got in the testimonials were, “I’m so glad I did this with a buddy!” and, “I’m so glad I did Full Support!” These are the two most important success factors that caused a more than 95% to complete the program successfully.

Towards your success, you get a $50 discount bringing your buddy to the party. When we are accountable to someone else, we can’t talk ourselves out of succeeding! There’s a great database of answers on the Full-Support forum, with GSG moderator Kristin and I, answering your questions as well.

Read more HERE, and sign up now. We printed only 3,000 copies of the manual, so we will sell out at that point. 1,500 GSG readers joined us in August, and we think January is going to be a big month for detoxing, after the holidays, so jump in with us for a post-holidays transformation—all the way to your every cell!

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10 thoughts on “Ditch 12 pounds, join the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox in January!”

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  1. Lora Beth says:

    Is it all green smoothies or do you eat also? Can you do it all as smoothies?

    1. Robyn says:

      We have lots more food besides green smoothies, Lora Beth, though they do feature prominently in the program. 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    Robyn, is it safe for me to do the detox while I’m exclusively breastfeeding my 4 month old? I’m just not sure how the detox will effect my milk supply. Thanks!

    1. Robyn says:

      Melissa, I would not do any major detox while exclusively breastfeeding, as toxins evacuate the body via all bodily fluids. I would if I were recreationally nursing, when baby is older, and most calories are coming from food.

  3. crazy4boys says:

    Would a detox such as this work for a Type II diabetic? Did any Type 2s go through it the last go-round and have success or did their blood sugars spike? A lot of the foods suggested are ones that I’ve been told to avoid or eat in moderation. Thanks!

  4. Angie Hendrix says:

    Question. I read through all the detox info and there is talk of juicing. I have been following your site, smoothie advice, workshops for a couple years and don’t remember hearing any talk of juicing. Do I need a juicer for the detox and, if so, what kind have you found work well? More importantly, what equipment would be required to follow the detox easily? I already own a Vitamix. 🙂

    1. Robyn says:

      Hi Angie, there is a Level 1 you can do the detox, requiring no special equipment, but read on the sales page about Level 2—if you’re pretty evolved, well down the path, and competitive, try Level 2 where you’ll need a juicer (Omega, Breville, Champion, whatever you have access to, Norwalk is the Cadillac), and a enema bucket and tip. Just do Level 1 if that freaks you out. The manual guides you through either one. You can do the LEvel 2 next time if you want!

  5. Emily says:

    Can I do the detox if I’m breastfeeding?

  6. Question says:

    Can you do the detox safely if taking anti-anxiety medications? It would be my assumption to do stick with Level 1?

  7. tammy says:

    I would to order just the detox book can you help me with it?
    Send me the link so I can order it?

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