DIRTY ELECTRICITY! Our reader does a science experiment—cell phones kill algae!

GSG reader Susan L. wrote us that her son did his science fair experiment with the xZubi technology that you put on the back of your cell phone (also your PC monitors, microwave, TV screen, etc.).

The cell phone with no protection killed the algae growing in the petri dish. The xZubi-protected phone killed nothing—the algae grew and flourished.

This is exactly what the developers of the patented technology discovered when testing human brain cells with the xZubi’s three layers of paramagnetic materials near it—no damage to the cells.

It’s an inexpensive solution to a problem I was worried about for years as my children, with their developing brains, constantly kept their cell phones within a foot of them.

Please get them on the back of your children’s cell phones. Yours too!

I have one on both of my PC monitors, the microwave, and the TV screen. I measured my space heater under my desk, with my Trifield meter, and found it to have significant EMF. So I’ve got one there too! (You know what gives off a shocking amount of EMF? Electric pencil sharpeners! Who knew? Keep them far from you at work.)

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  1. Hi Robyn,

    I love these. I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the Earthing/Grounding products that David Wolfe talks about if you’d care to comment. Thanks!


  2. Does the pencil sharpener put this off while it is just sitting on the desk plugged in or just while sharpening? I wonder the high amount the smart meters give off. Thank you for sharing.

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