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6 thoughts on “Detox Webclass Specials (E1)”

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  1. Rui Martins says:

    Thank you so much for all the information, effort, passion and love that you put in everything that you share and do.
    I didn’t buy your book neither I can participate in your live detox event, just because I can’t afford it right now. I’m finishing my course and I really need to start working and earning money. Then I’ll be able to support more missions, which are part of my own individual mission: my healthy, energetic and high-vibe journey, the one that I wish (and I will!) share with others and with the whole world 🙂 in time… and step by step 🙂
    So, maybe next time it will be possible. Until then I’ll keep “in touch” :p

    My sincere and pure light vibrations for all of you,
    Rui, Portugal

    1. Rui Martins says:

      I forgot to ask: this detox program is applicable to skinnier people? In my case I’m a little underweight, my BMI is 19 something, but I fight a lot to gain weight (I eat healthy now but I eat a lot and still I can’t gain the proper weight). My thyroid is supposedly fine, even with my fast metabolism and my “skin fat” chronic issues…
      So, even I’m eating healthy (and that is for life!), in my particular case, can I still do this program? I feel that I really need it, because I still produce a lot of gas in my gut, and I know I ate the whole standard American diet, here in Portugal, for all my life (my region and ancestors are really ‘processed pork products’ Pro, even with this large percentage of people with GI disorders and cancers).

      Thank you in advance 🙂
      And sorry for eventual (and probable) mistakes in my English :p

      Big peaceful vibes * ॐ

      1. Virginia Edwards says:

        IF you listen to the videos, you will hear that skinny people may need it as well and maybe even moreso, because their fat is more intertwined around and in between your organs. Give the videos a look and you’ll hear Robyn talk about it.

  2. Virginia Edwards says:

    .How does the buddy thing work. You said that if you bring a buddy, that there is a price break. Can you explain that more in depth to me?

    1. Virginia Edwards says:

      I forgot to check the notification boxes…doing it now.

  3. Laura says:

    Where is the verse you are paraphrasing?

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