CLASS #2: How to Change Your Weight Set Point Forever

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  1. Melanie Muse says:

    This video is not working. Can you send them through you tube. This is the 2nd video. I signed up for life time membership. So can I get the videos another way?

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Melanie, we are sorry for the inconvenience due to a major website crash that has been restored and running top notch. Please try again?

  2. Elijzemom says:

    Help! I really, really want to watch these videos but as Melanie said they are not working properly they keep shutting down. I was glad to see her comment and know it’s not on my end that’s causing this issue.

    1. Helen Blair says:

      I am sorry – our website experienced a major crash but is now restored and ready to go. Please try again Elizemom?

  3. Keyla says:

    I love the concept of getting rid off all the toxins from your body and help your body maximize it’s functionality. However I’m just a little worry about losing more weight; I’m actually at the weight I want to be and feel comfortable with.
    I understand I will lose some fat and gain some muscle, but I hope not look too slim and sick.
    I also would like to know if you can work out (lift weights) during this 26 days detox?

    1. Helen Blair says:

      We do lose weight because the cells are shedding retained toxic load but the food is so excellent flooding your body with nutrition; by careful modifications, we can help you choose more healthy fats and carbs to increase your caloric intake. Many come to us at their ideal weight and concerned about losing more, but when you eat in high frequency foods, you look healthier than ever. Let’s wortk together on this. 🙂

  4. Jo says:

    Hello, I’m booked for a colonoscopy on Feb. 2. If I plan to start this detox on Mon. Jan. 8th. will I be able to do the 26 day detox right up until and including the day of the procedure? There is a 3 day protocol prior to the procedure, which restricts any fiberous foods, green leafy and any raw vegetables. One day prior to, I can only ingest clear liquids and I also must take Dulcolax and Pico Salax. So the last 3 days of the detox I would also be preparing for the colonoscopy. Will that interfere or negate full benefit of the detox?

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