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  1. Sharon Szakacs says:

    P please send me your bonus offer

  2. jbennicoff says:

    I did your detox for a week and half. I used kale, beet greens, parsley, leaf lettuce, and spinach in the smoothies, organic. three days later I had a kidney stone or two. My husband thinks that it was because of the oxalic acid in the raw greens. I have read that too much oxalic acid can cause kidney stones.
    what is your thought on this?

    1. Marle says:

      I’m not Robyn but it takes more than 1-1/2 weeks for stones to form. They were probably there for years and detoxing stimulated your kidneys to get rid of them.

  3. jbennicoff–My husband and I had your same experience after beefing up greens (especially kale and arugula) while taking a D3 supplement. It took approximately six weeks, but my husband got kidney stones (confirmed by x-rays); I wound up with tiny calcium cysts on thumb & index finger joints. His kidney stones (smaller than grains of sand) passed while he was vomiting from pain and I was out filling his pain prescription; four years later no doctor knows how to remove my little cysts. I did some research and found that oxalates can be a force majeure.

    Oxalates (also called oxalic acid) are ANTINUTRIENTS that bind with minerals to create problems like kidney stones and something awful called vulvodynia. Oxalates can prevent your body from absorbing important minerals like calcium.

    People have varying impact from oxalates; we are all individuals. Many tremendously nutritious foods (vegetables & fruits only, no animal foods) are high in oxalates.

    It does make me think about the way Italians and other Mediterranean based cultures have traditionally handled spinach and kale. They boil the greens first, then saute them. (Similar to how our Southerners handle collard and turnip greens. Delicious!) No thriving culture in past centuries ate large quantities of RAW kale, spinach or broccoli. Sometimes our ancestors knew what they were doing (after centuries of having someone in the village with spine deformities or other sad consequences.)

    In addition to concerns about oxalates, RAW cruciferous vegetables create thyroid issues for many people (watercress is an exception and is actually beneficial for the thyroid gland;) and there is also a question about the amount of SUGAR one is ingesting when using fruit in your smoothies.

    Like all great ideas, the smoothie needs to be handled smartly.

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