CLASS #1: Could Toxicity Be Why I'm Sick? The 7 Types of Toxins in Your Body & How to Eliminate Them

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I want to take afvantage of special prices and any bonuses, but I can’t start in January because I’m traveling until Feb. 9. What should I do? Are there any money back guarantees? I have high blood sugars, the MTHFR gene ( can’t methylate Vit. B’s), the APOe gene, high homocysteine and CRP, low Mg, low probiotics, gut dysbiosis, SIBO and Candida. If I’m taking medicines for the above and detox, will that render the medications useless? Also, I have low thyroid, probably Hashimoto.

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Elizabeth – full support is 3 months, so it may be a good idea to go ahead and purchase – the price goes up day this Thursday. It appears you have a lot on your health plate and of course I can not advise but only recommend nutritional support – detoxing eliminates toxins that cause illness, especially auto immune, in the first place. We never ask our detoxers to change their medication protocol. Check with your doctor and see if you’re cleared to move forward with us!

  2. Wanda says:

    Can someone who is currently on oral chemotherapy participate in this program?

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I would also like to know the answer to this question since I am also on an oral chemo pill!

    2. Helen Blair says:

      This is something that is medical advice sounding and usually what we refer to as past our scope BUT if you ask your doctor, we’re happy to provide you an opportunity to detox at a deep level, and ridding your body of the chemicals would be quite beneficial.

  3. Therese Szyszkiewicz says:

    Robyn is very beautiful, can she share with us her “beauty” routine and what cosmetics she uses to reduce our toxins if we choose to wear makeup?

  4. Tamara says:

    I have always been underweight, and this summer participated in a similar program…..I lost 8 pounds in the first week – which was not my intention or goal….had some pretty serious reactions including a gallbladder attack due to this rapid weight loss….is there some sort of altered plan for those of us with concerns like this?

  5. Paula says:

    I have CLL. No symptoms. Would this protocol detox the lymphatic system? When will this program be available again?

  6. Sue says:

    Just wondering – have you had people with Lyme that were healed or greatly helped with the detox program?

    1. Mochele says:

      I have Lyme disease and feel really apprehensive about doing a detox while I’m doing treatment. I had a really bad experience with Standard Process’ 21 day fast before treating for Lyme disease. What are your thoughts?

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CLASS #1: Could Toxicity Be Why I'm Sick? The 7 Types of Toxins in Your Body & How to Eliminate Them


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