CLASS #1: Could Toxicity Be Why I'm Sick? The 7 Types of Toxins in Your Body & How to Eliminate Them

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    1. I have Lyme disease and feel really apprehensive about doing a detox while I’m doing treatment. I had a really bad experience with Standard Process’ 21 day fast before treating for Lyme disease. What are your thoughts?

  1. I have always been underweight, and this summer participated in a similar program…..I lost 8 pounds in the first week – which was not my intention or goal….had some pretty serious reactions including a gallbladder attack due to this rapid weight loss….is there some sort of altered plan for those of us with concerns like this?

  2. Robyn is very beautiful, can she share with us her “beauty” routine and what cosmetics she uses to reduce our toxins if we choose to wear makeup?

    1. This is something that is medical advice sounding and usually what we refer to as past our scope BUT if you ask your doctor, we’re happy to provide you an opportunity to detox at a deep level, and ridding your body of the chemicals would be quite beneficial.

  3. I want to take afvantage of special prices and any bonuses, but I can’t start in January because I’m traveling until Feb. 9. What should I do? Are there any money back guarantees? I have high blood sugars, the MTHFR gene ( can’t methylate Vit. B’s), the APOe gene, high homocysteine and CRP, low Mg, low probiotics, gut dysbiosis, SIBO and Candida. If I’m taking medicines for the above and detox, will that render the medications useless? Also, I have low thyroid, probably Hashimoto.

    1. Elizabeth – full support is 3 months, so it may be a good idea to go ahead and purchase – the price goes up day this Thursday. It appears you have a lot on your health plate and of course I can not advise but only recommend nutritional support – detoxing eliminates toxins that cause illness, especially auto immune, in the first place. We never ask our detoxers to change their medication protocol. Check with your doctor and see if you’re cleared to move forward with us!

  4. Where can I go to find out what costs are involved in the 26 day detox. You keep mentioning saving $50 and saving 40% but no mention of total cost. I’m interested but reluctant because there is never any mention of what its going to cost me.

    1. Hi Tori – Many diabetics are able to detox beautifully with our program by using our optional substitution food list to help with their carb intake – and many reach their goals with such awesome health results, some even reducing or eliminating all together their rx!

  5. I have done juice detox twice in my life and it does work for a period of 7-10 days. I experienced some of the symptoms she mentioned like headaches, slightly dizziness and constipation the first time; the second time hardly any. I also didn’t crave sugar or any other junk food like chips. I lost weight as well.
    I’m not sure though, I’ll be able to get thru 26 days!

    1. Keyla – you could consider a combination of our levels. It’s 4 phases lasting a total of 26 days with LOTS of whole foods as well as juicing options. We make smoothies that contain the fiber – maybe switching back and forth might be a better choice?

    1. Susan, you may be surprised at the relatively low cost of our menu – lots of veggies, ancient grains, healthy fats, fruits, seeds, nuts. I think if you’re cooking only for yourself you can control how much you use in each recipe – consider halfing them.

  6. This is what I tried to tell my family and friends. Unfortunately, some don’t believe me. I’m glad you came out with this, especially since so many people have come down with cancer.
    I didn’t see a price, or hear one, but I only listened to #1, which was verrrrry good!

    1. LIlli – many travel this road alone, at first, and then family members see the great changes and benefits and inquire. Being a trailblazer is especially wonderful! Below all these comments is a green button that will take you to the program info and you can choose the right package for yourself. Be the change!

    1. Absolutely – we never ask people to change their medication BUT often their doctor decides it is time to reduce based on the positive changes!

  7. My husband and I would like to do your 26 day detox, but have committed ourselves for something all of January. Could we do this class in February instead? Also, we have never really done a detox before. I purchased your book and received information about your 7 day vibe detox, which would be the better option for us?

    1. Hi Donna! I’m SO happy you’ve got my new book and the 7 day program – that’s a really great way to get a taste of the 26 day detox. Our detox is open 365/24/7 so if you’d like to join in February, that is great and doable! You’ll receive tons of support then as well!

  8. I’m interested in doing the detox, but you’ve given us little idea what is involved. I’ve done cleanses and detoxes over the years, and I will need to have some kind of idea what you have in mind. Is this going to be a juice fast, a smoothie fast, or what?

    1. Hi Robin, we offer a plan with 2 levels; level 1 is smoothies, whole foods prepared raw and cooked; level 2 is the same with juicing added plus coffee enema option. It’s 4 phases that comprehensively address the major systems – colon, kidneys, liver, gall bladder and everything in between benefits from specific protocol that cleanses on a cellular level, ridding the body of huge toxic loads.

  9. I have gallstones. Is this a safe. There are a lot of things I can’t eat/- no dairy, no meat, no gluten, have to be careful of fats

    1. We do not eat dairy, meat and gluten either! Our program is 100% plant based and we in the third phase, we do a liver/gall bladder flush that will benefit anyone with stones! It’s like non invasive surgery!

    1. We take 2 weeks to prepare for our liver/gall bladder flush – I would think ridding your body of toxic load would be a very good idea.

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