CLASS #1: Could Toxicity Be Why I'm Sick? The 7 Types of Toxins in Your Body & How to Eliminate Them

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  1. Barbara says:

    I am interested in the Detox Class and I have actually thought about taking this class for several years.
    When does the class start?

    1. GSG Support says:

      Barbara, we’d just love to have you! Officially, the detox goes live January 2, 2018. People sign up throughout the whole month.

  2. Linda says:


    1. GSG Support says:

      We’d love to have you Linda!

  3. Awilda says:

    My name is Awilda and I would like to know how can I detox without losing weight since i am only 90 pounds and lose weight quickly. I can not afford to lose one ounce since i am skin and bones right now. Thank you

    1. GSG Support says:

      Dear Awilda – I am sure your body would be blessed to experience a detox and then deal with the root cause of why you’re so very thin. For many it’s a matter of a leaky gut. I would consult with your doctor who likely won’t see the value of a detox, but know this: removing barriers that prohibit your body from assimilating nutrition and calories well is key. Eat avocados, flaxseed oil, nuts and seeds for more calorie content as well as strong nutrition. As much as I would love to see you at the detox, I recommend you checking with your doctor first. Let me know what you decide please. 🙂

  4. Tatyana says:

    I still have silver/mercy fillings in my teeth should I do detox?

    1. Jeff says:

      Yes, and find a holistic dentist to remove those silver fillings.

    2. GSG Support says:

      Hi Tatyana, Oh yes, I wouldn’t wait until you have them removed before helping your body deal with the toxic load it’s been carrying for years; after removal, detox again to purge remaining metals.

  5. Jon Carlson says:

    Can I download this to my phone so I can listen/watch on the bus? It doesn’t seem like I can and the bus is when I have the most time. 🙁

  6. Merridy rodriquez says:

    Robyn, I have your book Vibes, enjoyed very much. You gave a 7 day detox at the end…could that be extended for the 26 days or so s your 26 day detox much different. Funds are the main reason. Mari

    1. GSG Support says:

      Hi Merridy (love your name!), you’re instincts are correct. The 7 day is a wonderful condensed version of the 26 day and a great way to do a mini detox, but the big detox is even more comprehensive split into 4 phases, so we dig deep and do some really critical protocol to cleanse and change habits and cell life! If you can save up enough, I think you’d really be blessed by the community we have at the Detox and these folks come back time and time again – and so could you! A gift that keeps on giving! Be blessed and I hope to see you on the Detox side!

  7. Sarah says:

    Is there ever a person who should not do the detox. I would like my husband to do this with me. He is 82, on several medications, and may be looking at knee surgery. I feel this could only help him.

    1. shirtour says:

      First you may wish to consider the interactions between the “several medications,” a precaution which seems to escape most MD’s and not surprising, since this matter has not really been researched to any depth! Consider natural alternatives to handle the conditions for which symptom-masking drugs have been prescribed. Then take it from there, OK?

  8. Sarah says:

    It is not a comment, but a question: Is there ever a person who should not do the detox. I would like my husband to do this with me. He is 82, on several medications, and may be looking at knee surgery. I feel this could only help him.

  9. Mary says:

    I have severe histamine intolerance and a very restricted diet. I am already no sugar, no dairy, no grains, no animal products, no caffeine only drink filtered water. Can this detox be low histamine as I really need to heal my leaky gut?

  10. Carla says:

    Hi Robin,
    I have a hormone driven cancer and I am following the “Chris beat cancer” diet, except I am cooking some of my food (not completely raw). I will probably receive radiation in the next few weeks. Is it a good idea to for me to join you on this detox right now? I really don’t want to lose any weight.

    1. shirtour says:

      Does Chris recommend radiation? What he did worked for him. Logic says radiation causes cancer (Cf. Chernobyl ,Fukishima,etc.) What’s wrong with this picture.?..
      May I suggest you have a look at www dot cancertutor dot com to get some really sound advice. You have my prayers for perfect healing.

  11. Pam Haworth says:

    I am currently taking Methotrexate and getting infusions of Remicade. Does that mean the detox would interfere with those medications?

    1. shirtour says:

      Pam The TNF inhibiter Remicade can have serious “side”effects (i.e. adverse effects) that can even be deadly. In August 2001, Remicade was issued what is called a “black box warning,” which is the most serious warning any drug can receive before it is recalled. My Q. is – why are you taking it?! There are a lot of other far safer and more natural alternatives to dealing with whatever condition you were prescribed Remicade for.
      As for Methotrexate, taking it daily can lead to sepsis and death according to:
      http://theconversation dot com/weekly-dose-methotrexate-the-anti-inflammatory-drug-that-can-kill-if-taken-daily-60322
      May I suggest you get off these two deadly drugs ASAP? And change physicians–to a functional practitioner or other alternative doctor who can get the root cause of yur issues instead of just masking symptoms.

  12. Maria says:

    I’m veri skinny . How can I avoid loosing more weight?

    1. shirtour says:

      I have the same challenge and have found I can keep my weight up by having avocados, bananas, nuts, coconut oil and nut butters. My doctor suggests I wait till Spring to detox. i will then use the ORGANIXX dot com 2-bottle system to do it within a month in an organized manner–from the bottom up.

  13. shirtour says:

    Robyn speaks very briefly about water. What comes out of our taps today is a toxic soup and it’s getting worse by the day,,as headlines increasingly trumpet. Fortunately there is an affordable solution:
    http://thewellnessenterprise dot com/?twe=PureWater
    Structure your water using vortexing and sacred geometry to get pure, safe water like is found in nature. No other system can do this 100% because only Structuring neutralizes 100% everything detrimental to health and welfare by changing the bonding angle of the hydrogen and oxygen to create living, energized water.
    Structured Water has transformed my heath and life At age 84 I am in near-perfect heath, lifelong meds-free and full of vitality.

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CLASS #1: Could Toxicity Be Why I'm Sick? The 7 Types of Toxins in Your Body & How to Eliminate Them


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