12 thoughts on “David Is To Be Returned To Italy

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  1. LOL!!

    A fav. book is ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ (& her sequel – F W for all Seasons) – she was an exchange stu in HS (~ ’68) & gained 20# in just that one year – now is CEO for Fr Champagne Co, so lots of meals out, offices in fr & NY, but maintains her weight by slow eating, LOTS of water & walks!

    A few years ago I watched ‘supersize me’ with some RELUCTANT friends who are both a bit weight challanged – they weren’t eager to see it! (but both are working on trimming down a bit – for health & for themselves)

  2. It’s a good joke!

    BTW, in Italy McDonalds etc are always packed with people. Most of Italians have late heavy suppers with pasta and everything. But, yeah, with no signs of obesity. 🙂

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