another cute green smoothie mustache photo

Yesterday I was driving down State Street near where I live in Orem, Utah, eating my lunch, and I was flagged down by the car next to me.   Passenger side dude waving, honking, and yelling.   I rolled down my window, and the guy yelled, “Hey, GreenSmoothieGirl!   Remember me?   I was in the class you did for triathletes last month!   I got a BlendTec on your site, and I bought your book, and so did my boss [pointing at the guy driving the car].”

I was a little startled and may not have thanked him adequately for support of my site.   (My mouth was full of food. Plus, you know, the DRIVING.)

Fortunately, I got another chance to correspond with him better, because I got home and got this email from him:

“I just passed you and lost a major bet! I bet the guy next to me that you would be drinking a green smoothie! When I got next to your car the look on my face was only because I lost money! To my disgust I find you (after leaving GOOD EARTH and talking about you) driving around eating whole foods! YIPES! Were you having a shake and fries and I couldn’t see them below? Just kidding.”

For the record (due to the apparent fascination with what I eat), I had just left Good Earth, myself, and was eating a vegetarian quesadilla I got there (black beans, corn, jicama) in a whole-wheat tortilla, with a side of fruit. YUM.

With his email, he sent this cute photo of his kids with their green smoothie mustaches!

Birthday 1

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  1. Hi Robyn,

    I also bought the blender through your link. How do I get the bonuses? I looked and looked for how to contact you on the website and can’t find it, so here I am on the blog. Thanks for your help and am very much looking forward to receiving the bonuses. Love the site by the way. So much information. I’m glad to have found it and will be happily reading.

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