Cows raised for slaughter fed candy mixed with “ethanol byproduct”

If you need yet another reason to stop eating cows, check out this short news story, sent to me by Canadian reader Darlene U.:

Click here to view video article on rancher’s new way to feed cows.

Ranchers are now feeding cows CANDY mixed with an ETHANOL BYPRODUCT, instead of corn feed? What have we come to, that bucketsful of rejected gummy worms now substitute as FOOD for any living creature?

I think the rancher’s brains might be a little foggy from eating some of the candy himself?


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  1. It gets worse. Antibiotics are used to process the ethanol and are present in the byproduct (distiller’s grains) and are being consumed by these animals. “No antibiotics” on a package of meat is meaningless now. FDA is even concerned about it.

    E Coli is present at almost twice as high the ‘normal’ levels in these animals as well.

  2. I quit eating all red meat, pork and chicken two weeks ago. I’ve known about the downside for so long, but somehow something just ‘clicked’ into place. I’m so glad it did! This video would convince anyone that our SAD food comes from some VERY dark places, and is provided for us by people ranging from the inconceiveably clueless to the downright knowingly unethical.

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