Counting Bites Health Fad

Have you heard of the new diet “Counting Bites”? This is a new fad that has you obsess about counting bites instead of calories or grams of fat.

We already know that counting calories leads to suppressing calories which leads to depriving yourselves of food in general. When we deprive ourselves of food, we experience a psychological shift which is harmful to our mental and endocrine health.

I lost 70 lbs. twenty years ago without counting anything! I just made sure to make the bulk of my diet greens—nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods packed with vitamins and phytochemicals. In fact, my diet was the opposite of counting. I gave myself unlimited access to greens, nuts, legumes, and fruits that not only helped me lose weight, but increased my health and happiness and impacted my metabolism and hormones for the best.

So what do you think about this new counting bites trend? Helpful or harmful? I say don’t deprive yourselves of bites of healthy food. Enjoy them . . . and enjoy this new video.

See you next time!

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