Costco products to avoid

I was at Costco today and saw another product that is an egregious example of how savvy marketers are preying on those who have a small amount of nutrition information but don’t understand the big picture.

More and more companies are truly motivated to provide us with excellent nutrition. It’s exciting. We live in a time when we have more options to eat right than ever before.

Other companies, unfortunately, especially the biggest ones, are feeding the mass market garbage foods while finding ways to promote it as nutritious.

Post Cherry Almond Crunch Cereal is one such product.

The box says, “No high fructose corn syrup! Oat clusters, sun-ripened cherries, multi-grain flakes!”

Well, it has CORN SYRUP (also white sugar and brown sugar) even if it’s not HFCS. Unimpressive.

It’s full of refined oils. There might be “multi” grains (more than one, who cares!) but that doesn’t mean they’re whole foods. The cornmeal is “degermed,” which means the high-vitamin part is removed. It’s not hard to use regular cornmeal! The main ingredient in the cereal is white (refined) rice.

Sun ripened cherries. I am so rolling my eyes.

The only “whole” foods in the ingredient list are whole wheat and rolled oats, well down the list. (The first thing in any ingredient list is what there’s most of, and the last thing is what there’s least of.)

Don’t fall for it. Or the organic pop tarts on the same aisle.

I will be highly entertained if someone comes on this blog and defends Post. Jif did that, the HFCS industry did that, and Mercola did that, when I questioned their data and tactics. Well, bring it on.

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  1. This is too bad because it is one of the tastiest cereals I have eaten. Do you know of any cereal that has cherries or a good recipe?

  2. Actually, I have a box of this in my house and I am reading the ingredients, you say that “The only “whole” foods in the ingredient list are whole wheat and rolled oats, well down the list”, well, I dont know what you were looking at, but I will take the time to inform others of the correct first 10 ingredients: 1. Rice, 2. Dried Cherries (cherries, sugar, glycerin, high oleic sunflower oil), 3. Sugar, 4. Whole Grain Wheat, 5. Whole Grain Rolled Oats, 6. Almonds, 7. Corn Meal, 8. Brown Sugar, 9. High oleic vegetable oil, 10. Rice flour. There are there are 6 other ingredients, so actually those items you said were well down on the list were actually higher up on the list. Before you review a product, why dont you give the correct information out first!

  3. I saw the Post Cherry Almond crunch at Costco and thought it sounded pretty good. a change of pace from the usual cereals with strawberries or raisins. Be careful with the almond slices. I got a severely lacerated tongue from getting it cut by one of the almond slices with a VERY sharp edge to it. I will NEVER choose this cereal again. I will also avoids any cereal with almond slices just to be safe.

  4. You lost ALL credibility with your comment about the sun dried cherries. What happened? Was it Post or Costco that would not pay your fee for a good review? This cereal that you slam was a staple in my eighty pound weight loss. It is pretty obvious that you did not even try the cereal. My sister was the kind of person you are and she has paid for it with severe Osteoporosis and numerous other health issues. She now takes a daily meds to try to compensate for her years of “healthy” eating. I find your comments to be highly opinionated and lacking of true research.

    Your review on this product alone and especially your rolling the eyes comment totally destroy any credibility you have ore ever will have with me.

  5. Sorry Robyn, but this cereal is delicious. If I am going to eat any breakfast at all it has to taste good. I used to skip breakfast altogether until i tried this. Almonds,cherries,milk or soy milk. It’s a good start for me.

  6. I disagree strongly with you about Cherry Almond Crunch. It is one of the finest cereals on the market and I wish you failure in your efforts to discredit it.

  7. Hi Robyn,

    I have been into whole raw foods about 3 years now. I enjoy your site and ordered your 12 steps…..I believe you can never stop learning. I am thinking about a Costco membership and just watched your video and I have a question. Is the produce organic, ie, spinach, mixed berries, strawberries and bananas?

    Keep up the good work and tell the world……most are ignorant of the facts about what they are ingesting…..which I believe causes all the health problems as you do.

  8. oh man–I KNOW!!! awhile back my friends were talking about the PB they got from cotco that said, “no-partially-hydrogenated fats” (maybe you talked about it on thie blog too?!) and I looked on the container and it had “fully hydrogenated fats” such a scam- my friends didn’t mind that the people deceived them since they have no problem with hydrogenated fats–I couldn’t understand still not caring about the ethical standpoint of it even though they don’t care what’s actually in it.

  9. I work at a grocery store and I constantly read labels of things people buy …today I saw multi-grain pringles complete with MSG today ugh!

  10. You go girl! Once you really understand labels and start reading what’s really in a product….your eyes are so open to the false advertising on the front of the package! They are hoping you don’t read the back!

  11. I can’t find the recipe for the butter pecan ice cream Robyn did on her blog (video). Does anyone now where I can find it?

  12. Hey, how’s it going Robyn? I’m not here to defend anything you just posted. I may not be a health expert like yourself, but I do wholly agree with your post about how large corporations are sneakily advertising and marketing their “health” products when in reality, they aren’t healthy at all. My personal blog is a resource site for potential nurses but as always, I’m always interested in other people’s perspective on subjects of matter, especially when it comes to the human health. I’ve got to say, people who don’t fall to the marketing schemes must take the time to educate others because the truth will eventually come out, but the damage will already be done and it might be too late. Good read!

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