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CONTEST! I’m giving away $50 to 5 people!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jul 22, 2013

Eat rightI am writing a new book. It’s called How to Eat Right In the Real World. On a budget, if you’re raising kids, if you work full-time, if you travel, if you have a big social life.

In 2014, I will undertake an ambitious lecture tour that includes more than 75 cities, to speak on that topic. (In January, then, I am retiring the green smoothie show!)

I will not be selling my new book! However, everyone who comes to any of my 2014 lectures will get the book FREE! In it, I’d like to publish GSG readers’ ideas to add to my own–giving you credit, of course.

Stand by for an announcement of the itinerary of the entire year of classes. I’ll announce that in a few weeks when we have it all put together and ready to start ticketing.

Meantime, tell me YOUR best ideas for how to eat right ON A BUDGET.  Please write support123@greensmoothiegirl.com, or just respond here on the blog, with as many tips as you like. By doing so, you’re giving me permission to print your idea (whether or not you’re one of the 5 winners), to help others. So, let us know your name, and hometown, to give you credit. (Give me whatever form of your name you’re okay with seeing in print.)

Tips and Trickswin prizedThe 5 best ideas (or collection of ideas) sent to us in the next WEEK will be awarded $50 in your choice of GreenSmoothieGirl loot!

So be thinking, what tips and tricks have YOU developed, over the years, that have helped you with a whole-foods diet even though you must carefully manage your dollars? Super-quick, super-easy recipes are also helpful–your mainstay habits that help you eat a lot of plants.

As Joel Fuhrman, M.D., says, in his book Eat to Live, there is now more evidence that a plant-based diet prevents all our degenerative diseases, than there is evidence that smoking causes lung cancer. So tell me…..how do YOU pull it off? No idea is too small! It’s the small things that make the difference!

By the way, my next blog series is an interview with a doctor on natural infertility treatment, but then we come back to this topic. I do a three-part series next week on How to Eat Right While Traveling. Stay tuned!

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36 thoughts on “CONTEST! I’m giving away $50 to 5 people!”

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  1. Susan Meriwether says:


    My husband and I are empty nesters. He is retired and I am still heavily involved in my career which I am very passionate about – teaching two year old children! My husband tends to be very frugal and busy “cheap processed food” which I refuse to eat. We balance out our budget by me buying whole, plant based foods…so our grocery bill is not too high….

    I find myself in social situations where “dinner” is served. I have started packing my cute Igloo lunch bag with green smoothies and the food I am eating on the detox. I also bring extra clean containers or baggies to “bring home” the prepared meal and serve it to my husband the next night.

    This has been a two-fold blessing for me! i can still eat healthy and he can have a variety of meals – changes the pace of things for him.

    I was at an early childhood conference when the detox started. The first day we were served chicken and then next a huge piece of lasanga. Both days HUGE cookies were on the table too!! I sat at a table where I did not know anybody and I explained I had brought my lunch and was going to pack the “lunch” in front of us for dinner…..then I pulled out my green smoothie and potato…..it was an awesome moment for one girl at the table said she and her husband drink green smoothies….someone else snarled at the thought but I was glowing inside for I “MADE IT WORK” for me!!!

    I just had to take a deep breath and do what was beneficial to me and my body and not worry about the social politeness of eating what is served to me by others.


  2. Cendrine says:

    here’s what I do to keep cost low. I am a subscriber to a local organic produce service, this way I know what is truly in season, as most health stores still carry things that aren’t seasonal. the quality of the produce has been better consistently than what i pick at the store and the price is competitive. What I also like about the box is it narrows down the menuplanning dilemma for me. i know what i have to use since it’s in my box and i can menuplan accordingly and just hit the store to complement or complete what i still need. I have spent a lot less time planning since getting the box, because my options have already been narrowed and it helps a lot! I also take advantage of groupons from local farms where i can get fresh seasonal ripe fruit for less than half the price. I cut and freeze the produce I don’t use and can rely on the stock throughout winter. i also take advantage of the u-pick farms during the season, I can pick fruit for about a third of what they sell for in the store or less. just the fact that i don’t buy animal products any more, is allowing me to be able to afford organic high quality food. I of course love the group buys, well worth budgeting for every year! I also make almost everything from scratch, so much cheaper than buying overpriced things from the health food store. and the more time you spend making things fom scratch, the quicker I get at chopping and other meal prep steps, which then cuts down time again. Being a busy mom during the school year like all others, i plan out time during the summer break to prepare some things i can freeze for during the school year when i need something quick but don’t want to buy the supposedly healthy freezer meal options. so i found myself making a double batch of something once a week throughout the summer, vegan meatloaf, veggie burgers, beetballs, sweetpotato blackbean vegan sausage patties, etc. I know what goes in it, I make them from scratch so they are cheaper and healthier and yummier, might I add, than anything available at the store and it really just takes a minute to add the ingredients to the weekly shopping list. I do the same thing for dehydrated snacks to make a nice stock of for the year, crackers, healthy cookies, raw pizza crusts etc, all ready to use in a flash. I also make raw marinara sauce during the tomato season when every gardener I know gives me their surplus of tomatoes, free, and freeze it for a quick meal during the busy school year. Any surplus of veggies can also be dehydrated for quick soups or adding to stews any time.

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