Congrats to detoxers!

We just had another group graduate the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox! Congratulations, everyone!

Thank you, long-time reader, GSG veteran and guru, Kristin Lassonde, who supports detoxers on the live support forum. (I run the live support calls.)

Our NEXT live-supported program starts Aug. 1—you can sign up any time and begin reviewing your materials when they arrive in the mail.

Here’s an exciting perk for those who join us in August:

Health Mate Saunas is going to give us a Sauna for 2, which would cost you over $2,000, shipped to a lucky winner, free. All those who participate in August will be entered in the drawing. (Lifetime Members are all automatically entered.) Those in the Full Support program will get TWO entries in the drawing.

And, in case you want to do the program earlier, everyone who does the Detox from TODAY forward, will be entered.

Here are what a few people said after completing the program:

Lost 15 lbs—GSG Detox One of the Most Rewarding Experiences Ever!
The GSG Detox was the hardest but most rewarding experience I have ever had. I lost 15.5 lbs. My life has been changed for the better, and much more than I ever could have imagined. The first two weeks were hard but well worth the effort. In the beginning I had symptoms and reactions, but after those initial weeks I was able to settle into the program and was amazed as chronic pain and fatigue disappeared, sugar, salt and caffeine addictions dissipated, and the weight literally fell off—BONUS!

Having a buddy to participate in the program with was definitely a key factor. Having the full support of the GSG staff and other detox participants through the forum and the expert calls and videos was also key to understanding and participating to the fullest. I would definitely recommend this detox program to anyone looking to change their life and health for the better. Thanks Robyn and GSG staff for this amazing experience! I will definitely participate again in the future.

~ Brenda G. in South Jordan, Utah

So Glad I Went through This Experience!
This was my first detox, so I did Level One. It did exactly what I wanted it to do for the first go around. I did lose weight; however, the biggest change was losing cravings that were so strong before the detox. I look at food in a different way and plan to follow a more whole foods menu plan. I plan to continue doing the detox twice a year. At times it was very hard to stay with it. I am glad that I did and I feel much better having completed it.

I recommend this to anyone that wants to do a detox in a healthy way. This detox was well researched which is why I chose to do this particular one. Having the full support option was important to me. A lot of my questions were answered on the forum along with Robyn giving good information daily. I am so glad I went through this experience.

~ Alane C. in Overland Park, Kansas

A Flat Stomach in Mid-Life, 10 lbs. Lost!
I liked how well researched and clinical the detox was. It felt safe and empowering to challenge myself, and I ended up losing 10 pounds! I am maintaining that after the detox with the same types of foods and continuing to lose even the next week, too!

As much as I don’t really enjoy enemas, I am thrilled about how the water-then-coffee enemas make me feel, so I am also continuing to do these as my morning time permits. There is nothing better than to have a flat stomach in mid-life again!

~ Nancy L. in Grand Haven, Michigan

Rash/Breakouts Cleared Up—and 15 lbs Lost!
I have checked out a few detoxes over this past year, many that had products like protein shakes and meal replacement bars, etc. Most of them are one-size-fits-all programs. Guess what, I lost a few pounds on a couple, but they weren’t sustainable and were expensive to keep using the products. I am aware of an alkaline diet and have incorporated green smoothies/juicing into my lifestyle daily. When I saw the 26-day detox and the full support group, I knew I had to do it.

I LOVE DETOXI embraced the full Level 1 program and made it all the way through! I lost 15 pounds and, most of all, cleared up a rash/breakouts that have been appearing on my face this past year. I emailed a before and after picture of my face to Coach Cathi and she asked that I share. I will definitely continue to educate myself and follow a whole-food diet from here out; I still have more weight I would like to release. I am working on easing my family into the same way of healthy eating. It’s challenging, but I now have my 7-year-old son eating salads, so leading by example does work!

~ Jennifer C. in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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  1. I’ve been on a detox for almost a month already and I am trying to convince my sister to join me in my weight loss program. Still having a hard time in convincing her. HA HA. Anyway, I will let her see your program, Robyn. Maybe she would give it a try. 🙂

  2. So good to hear folks are still using the detox. My hubby and I started last week. This is my second go round and my husband’s first. It is making a world of difference having a detox buddy right in my home 🙂 He is amazed at the changes he is seeing already at Day 6 and I am amazed how my body remembers what to do from my Aug detox. Thankful for this program Robyn!

    1. Laura, hi, great that you’re doing it with hubby this time, good job! I’m supporting a friend doing it and she lost 14 lbs. in 6 days.

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