Colorado, here we come—and help for Aurora shooting and fires victims

As Kristin and I leave for the 10-hour drive to Colorado tomorrow, we are mindful of the terrible tragedy and suffering due to the shooting and the fires. Yesterday my team forwarded me an email about a woman attending my lecture whose daughter was shot in the face but has miraculously survived and has a good prognosis. My prayers are with you, Aurora.

If any of my readers are able to help, give through this organization recommended by the governor of Colorado:

Then write with the amount of your donation, and GSG will match.

We are excited and are loading our road bikes on the back of the GSG-mobile tomorrow, so we can stop and bike in Moab, and on the trails heading into Denver too. We passed them, longingly, on our way to Denver a year ago, and vowed to come with bikes this year.


See you soon, my Colorado friends!

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