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Coconut oil benefits going mainstream, part 2 of 2

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Mar 05, 2011

Dr. Newport talked to Dr. Richard Veech at National Institute of Health and studied everything she could find on coconut oil, fatty acids, human breast milk, and various disease states. She is an M.D. who clearly places a lot of faith, as all M.D.’s have been schooled to do, in the past century’s protocols of drugs to cure illness. But she says this after her self-directed studying and experimenting with her husband’s diet:

“I wonder about autism and whether something very important is missing in infant formulas and in the diets of women who are breastfeeding.”

After the 1950’s, we abandoned the use of coconut oil that was a staple until studies of PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED coconut oils were shown to be detrimental. (There’s a big difference between that and the cold-pressed, organic oil I’m recommending! Hydrogenated oils aren’t real food, as they’ve been heated to high temps and molecularly altered; they are highly damaging to our health.) Then coconut oil was completely bumped from the American lifestyle for 40 years until just recently. I wonder, to what effect? Only time will tell, but back then, we had radically lower rates of heart disease, cancer, and other inflammatory conditions.

Karen W. and her family, for GreenSmoothieGirl Makeover, have been so ill that while the Cornia family and Total Care Dental are off and running, we haven’t been able to get them started. We had an interview on camera where Karen lamented that her closest friends are marathon runners and she wants to be outside running with them instead of lying in bed. She said she’s come to hate the tree outside her bedroom window because she marks time by it, because it’s her only connection to outdoors. Leaves on, leaves off, winter, spring, summer, fall. Karen’s story is killing me!

I am going to give her a gallon of coconut oil and have her, like Dr. Newport’s husband, start using a couple of tablespoons of it daily. We’ll see if it makes a difference for her, with multiple sclerosis symptoms. What do you have to lose? It’s just real food!

(Side note: Karen and her family were at my class at Good Earth last night. She said she told her doctor that she was about to start following the GreenSmoothieGirl program, and her doc said that another of his patients was doing so and was completely off his cholesterol meds. Cool!)

Spread coconut oil on toast like butter. Sautee in it. (It creates no trans-fats, even at high temps!) Use it in cookies or other baked goods. Dr. Newport put 7 tsp. daily in her husband’s morning oatmeal. Slather it on your lips. Slather it on your significant other’s lips and kiss it off. Use it as a facial moisturizer, or on your hands/arms/legs.

You can also use coconut milk, which you can get at health food stores or Asian markets–it’s a combo of coconut oil and coconut liquid.

(Can you tell I’m madly in love with coconut oil? I don’t know that I’d call its taste “haunting” like the rather dramatic New York Times writer, but I love the health benefits!)

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  1. GSG… I’m wearing it as a nightly moisturizer Right now! I love coconut oil! I live in the Usvi’s (www.friendscharters.com) and I buy coconut oil from the locals… Actually watched them make it one day! I love it!!! I feel so good consuming it everyday now and not to mention my skin is glowing healthy! Thanks!

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