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Coconut oil and skin: a reader tells me her experience

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jan 02, 2011

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:

I’ve sent emails in the past since telling you all of the wonderful things I love about green smoothies (and YOU and your website) and I’m still amazed by the things you continue to share with us. I can’t tell you thank you enough and how much I really appreciate you sharing your passion with everyone.

Besides drinking my green smoothies I’ve tried the sprouting, and I’m now educated on everything from the benefits of colloidal silver to the coconut oil.

I know you receive so many letters from excited people but WOW I’m excited about coconut oil. Last 2 weeks my face looked horrible, acne that would not clear up and then all these flaky patches and peeling skin.

I tried moisturizers and acne medication and it only made it worse!! It was so bad Robyn I didn’t want to be out in public. Long story short I woke up and remembered what you said about using it nightly in place of a moisturizer along with all the antibacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and so on. I think I was afraid of making the acne worse because it looks greasy when first applied.

I’ve used it only 2 nights and boy did this do wonders!!!! Soft smooth skin, dry patches gone and acne is almost all gone. I even look like l have a glow. Never thought I would be so excited about leafy greens, sprouting and healthy oils.

Thank you to you and I really look forward to meeting you in the near future. My close friend just became hooked with me on your Hot-pink Breakfast Smoothie and now I over hear him telling everyone about Green Smoothie Girl and when someone has something such as diabetes he tells them to read your website and starts telling them about greens, chia seeds and coconut oil. I love it!!!

My mom even asked why I soak my almonds and was blown away when I told her about the nutrition value increasing and how all the store bought almonds are pasteurized. She woke up and wanted to know more.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Now I understand why I was always so sick in my 20’s and most of my 30’s (39 now).

Ps. I’m also excited to say I finally get to purchase my Blend Tec. I’ve probably blown up several old hand me down blenders but I stuck in there trying not to make excuses for not getting in those greens. I look forward to a smoother smoothie now.

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4 thoughts on “Coconut oil and skin: a reader tells me her experience”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thats Great, but what about wrinkles? Am I expecting too much from coconut oil? Is there another natural oil that would be better for them?

  2. Anonymous says:


    I just finished reading tons of your blog posts regarding natural skin care (so helpful). Thank you! I will give the coconut oil a try.

    Unfortunately, I am one who does wear foundation and make-up most every day. I am looking for the healthiest face cleanser that can remove mascara and other makeup.

    It sounds like coconut oil is great for a night time moisturizer, but what is best to clean my face and removing makeup before applying the coconut oil???

    I have been looking all over the internet, but I would love to see what you and your readers have to say.



  3. Anonymous says:

    One more question…

    Is the pure maple syrup at Costco the best place to get the syrup?

    It’s probably the best price but is it the best nutritionally?


  4. Koni…just thought I’d jump in here with what I’ve been using to remove mascara…virgin olive oil. I have a pump bottle full of it (I also added some vit. E oil to it) sitting on my bathroom sink. You can put a dime sized squirt in your hands and rub your eyes (gently) and face with it. I then rinse with warm water and pat dry. It leaves a film of oil on my face which I like. I put a thin layer of the oil on my face morning and night as moisturizer. I squirt a small amount into my hand, put a little hot water on my hands and rub them together…then rub my face with them.


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